Gabriel Hamdun

This Storyline Follow’s the first noble heir of the Hamdun estate, from his first love of a peasant girl though to the point where his father interfearance starts effecting his marriage.

This Chapter open’s with Christopher Vaux, although a nobleman Christopher hopes to lead the Grimstead army’s one day and in order to facilitate that has joined the army as a comman soilder to gain some life experience.

Christopher is Posted at the Hamdun castle when this chaper start, hunting the servants quarters of the castle looking for his stepsister muirean (a fragile and somewhat mixed up girl) instead he run’s into Jaedyn who is likewise hunting for her Husband when they both hear a scream.  

It maybe helpful to read someo f the Christopher Vaux Storylines but it is not essential.  

Gabriel and Jaedyn try and put the pieces of a broken marriage back together, this story is on-going and open’s with the new’s of Jaedyn’s pregnancy.

However as discovered in previous Chapters like the first Gabriel is probably not the father of this little bundle of joy either.  During these Chapters King Thomas Dies and Gabriel and His Brother Peter make a play for the Throne.

Christopher married a very young Maegan some time after his encounter with Jaedyn, but thinking her too young to be a wife he go’s over sea’s. He return’s just after the post “the letter” when King Thomas dies and only then begin’s to get to know his wife.

Having discovered his Wife’s betrayal Gabriel go’s off the rails, however Daniel proves he isn’t as neive as Gabriel took him for. 

Gabriel however having already used his younger sister Ailana to ruin Thomas and Holly’s marriage in an attempt to put a Hamdun on the Throne, Proves he isn’t above using her to futher his plan’s once again.

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