The Time, The Day

Christopher sat nervously waiting; sure enough Jaedyn had made all the arrangements as promised.

A house had been set up, on the Shaw estate and Lucy had taken him there personally he’d subtly questioned her about it’s function to see if she knew what was going on and it quickly became clear that Jaedyn had somehow roped her sister into her scheme to get herself pregnant and convince her husband that the baby was his and that Lucy knew full well what was going on.

The house was comfortable; Lucy offered him drinks and was very polite while they nervously waited for Jaedyn to arrive. “You seem nervous?” Lucy smiled.

Christopher smiled half heartedly back, “Yes I guess so” he admitted “I’ve never …. Well I don’t even know what to call it… but I’ve never done it before”

“Whored yourself out” Lucy chuckled.

“Yes that” Christopher replied bluntly “how did I get myself into this mess” he complained.

“My sister is very determined” Lucy replied “you shouldn’t blame yourself she hardly left you a lot of choice”

“No choice” Christopher replied.

“Indeed” Lucy smiled “Well I can’t say, I’m disappointed with her choice, you’re a hansom young man… I’m sure the pair of you will make a fine baby”

“Im starting to think im making far to many fine baby’s”

“Well I just hope you learn to keep it in your pants when you marry my niece” Lucy chuckled.

“Are you trying to make me feel worse??” Christopher snapped.

“Im sorry” Lucy replied “Look just relax it will be over with soon”

Christopher sighed heavily, just as the noise of a coach pulled up outside, glancing towards the window he watched as Jaedyn climbed out and headed towards the house.

Lucy motioned for him to stay out of view, the last thing they needed was for a nosey coach driver or footman to work out what was going on, so Lucy answered the door.

Christopher sat nervously and waited, Jaedyn entered “Christopher” she smiled “Thank you for coming”

Christopher nodded, she was fidgeting and by her demeanour she was obviously as nervous about it as him. “It’s not too late” he replied “We could both just go home”

“No” Jaedyn replied altogether too sharply “It needed to be done”

Christopher nodded “… your husband, are things ….. With him?”

“Things are fine” Jaedyn snapped “we are trying to make it work, there’s no reason for you to worry, we are … things are progressing and there’s no reason for him suspect”

“Alright” Christopher replied defensively.

“Ill go upstairs’ and ready myself” Jaedyn replied looking uncomfortable, “I’ll send Lucy down when I need you” and at that both women withdrew up the stairs.

2 responses to “The Time, The Day

  1. Yes, that’s a healthy way to make a relationship survive Jaedyn, give him a illegitimate heir and try and convince him it’s really his.

  2. Yes, that’s a healthy way to make a relationship survive Jaedyn, give him a illegitimate heir and try and convince him it’s really his.

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