Duncan Brings Quillen Upto Speed

“I was starting to worry you wouldn’t be here” Quillen grinned embracing his friend as he jumped from the front of the carriage where he’d been sitting with the driver having been far too excited to be contained in the back with the women.  “The Garou…. “ 

“Bother the Garou” Duncan grinned interrupting seeming happy to once again see his friend. “It would take more than them to spoil this” 

“Hehm” a voice interrupted, peering around Quillen saw his father helping his mother from the coach his face stern, a simple warning that it was a conversation for another time. 

“Come… Quillen grinned, “Lets go inside and then you can tell me why you haven’t moved in yet. We were expecting you weeks ago, I’ve already moved in… but it is so terribly dull without you” 

“Yes sorry about that Duncan apologized “Things have happened…. We can’t talk here, but they aren’t good” 

“Rat don’t tell me you’ve changed your mind!” Quillen declared his heart sinking, suddenly concerned Duncan was about to announce that he would no longer be making the move. 

“Of course not” Duncan smiled “Things have just been busy” Once inside after introductions and greetings Quillen finally got his friend alone. “where’s Alice he asked, “I expected her to be here with you?” 

“She’s around” Duncan replied “Though she’s not speaking to me again” 

“Oh heaven’s why now?!” 

“Tristan…. He’s been playing around on her… and I knew…” 

“You didn’t tell her?” Quillen borked, unable to comprehend why is friend would not have told the young girl. 

“Like she would have believed me” Duncan sighed. 

“Still you should have told her” 

“Hey I’ve been slapped once, I don’t need you ganging up on me too” 

“Oh well” Quillen chuckled “On the upside she’s single again… all you need to do is get past Lars” 

“Well that’s hardly the problem” Duncan replied “He’s not around to protest” 

“Ailith said he wasn’t in charge anymore.. what happened?” 

“Oh… its…. Oh… im not sure where to begin” Duncan signed, the tone of his voice clear that things where not good. “Lars has gone… Gabriel married Maegan, Duncan has lost his mind.. We went to see her…” 

“Hold on slow down” the young man insisted… “Maegan has married Gabriel? What sort of madness is that?” 

“We don’t know” Duncan replied “…. She won’t talk to us.. but something bad is going on, I know Duncan has to be behind it… this is all my fault, if I hadn’t rolled over let Daniel take the crown. This wouldn’t have happened” 

“Don’t blame yourself, you did what you thought was best” he insisted, knowing to well the guilt Duncan would no doubt be feeling ‘So you don’t know why she married him?” he dared, “I mean… Gabriel really!… I mean.. he’s so old, not to mention a prize bastard” 

“No clue” Duncan replied, Quillen didn’t need to pry further to know that Duncan was worried… beyond that Duncan was scared. “I was hoping to visit Orrick on the way home find out what’s going on “Duncan continued. I’m certain she’s been coerced, you should have seen her Quill… it was like she wasn’t her anymore… like… a doll… no feelings whatsoever… and he hurt her.. I know he did but she said she wanted to stay” 

“You think he threatened her… or Orrick?” 

“It’s more than that Quill… it was like she’d been brainwashed, couldn’t even look at me… it wasn’t Megs”  

Quillen nodded, understanding the gravity of the situation. “So what happened to Lars?” he dared. 

“That’s the weirdest thing, he went with me to Hamdun Castle to get Maegan. Gabriel wouldn’t let us see her… there was a fight, we managed to get out of there but Lars insisted on going back in for Megs… but he never came out again. We don’t know what happened to him the Garou say he’s off dancing the spiral” 

“What the hell is that?” 

“I’m not sure.. the best I understand is that it’s some sort of demonic pact.. they think he was tainted by his relationship with Vincent and…. your father. That essentially his ‘soul’ has been cashed in” 

“So he’s dead?” 

“No not dead… just not on this plane anymore… in Hell I guess” 

“Damn that’s Harsh!” Quillen exclaimed. “Friends with a vampire and suddenly sent to hell?!“ 

“No… I mean… I don’t think so. It’s what the Garou say happened, but I don’t believe it. Something else happened to him, something magic. I just need to find out what.  I don’t suppose your father….. “ 

“Oh No!” he interrupted sharply “You’re not asking him that” 

“But we may never know what happened” 

“You don’t understand magic nearly killed him last time….” 

“I thought it was the demon…” 

“Demon…Magic same thing, you haven’t seen what he’s been though, what he still goes though. Damn I wish I could help, I bet Alice is in bits “He declared “First Lars and now Tristen I bet she feels like she doesn’t have anyone in the world right now”  

One response to “Duncan Brings Quillen Upto Speed

  1. Cynthia Rodriguez

    Yay!! An update… Though I suspect there are two Duncans in the text… Duncan Duncan and the non-Dunkan Dunkan king! :P

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