When the Bell Toll’s

It was early morning, the sun shone brightly the perfect spring morning but thought-out Grimstead The bells tolled, from one end of the kingdom to the other every church’s bells rang out loud,  they rang out true.

The King was dead.

Across the Village’s crier’s informed the people that their King, King Thomas son of Henry Silverhand had been murdered in his sleep by an assailant unknown.

4 responses to “When the Bell Toll’s

  1. OH MY GOD!! NOOO!!

    Who was it? The vamps? Ailana?!? Not Daniel, surely …

    Oh crap. Grimstead’s screwed!

  2. Oh wow, I can’t believe he’s dead. Was it Ailana? Maybe the vampires now that they could get into the castle? Things are going to get crazy.

  3. Woah! :O I can’t beleive the King is dead!

  4. Man, I thought you might kill him off, but I really wasn’t expecting it to be told in such a manner, even with all the foreshadowing that something was happening.

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