Lorcan settles down

Izzy was becoming a regular companion as Locans side, to the outside world they had been on several dates however they hadnt really seemed like dates, casual with very little pressure they had dined and talked like friends.

Occassionally she had a tendacy to be perhaps alittle to prying but he liked her she didnt expect anything. Many girls by now would be expecting courtship perhaps at least an attempt at a stolen kiss while prying eyes were truned but Izzy genuinly seemd to hold little interest in such things.

That wasn’t to say she held their relationship as purely plutonic she seems to find great joy in holding tightly to his arm in the company of other girls as thought she where laying claim on him, letting them know that he was hers.
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Tarik and Falcon Ponder Fatherhood

“So where is she?” Tarik smiled towards Falcon as he stood in the Kitchen of the Downsbrooke Farm.

“Upstairs somewhere Fussin” Falcon replied, “I’ve never seen her this way….she’s… well almost like a girl” he chuckled.

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Duncan Brings Quillen Upto Speed

“I was starting to worry you wouldn’t be here” Quillen grinned embracing his friend as he jumped from the front of the carriage where he’d been sitting with the driver having been far too excited to be contained in the back with the women.  “The Garou…. “ 

“Bother the Garou” Duncan grinned interrupting seeming happy to once again see his friend. “It would take more than them to spoil this” 

“Hehm” a voice interrupted, peering around Quillen saw his father helping his mother from the coach his face stern, a simple warning that it was a conversation for another time. 

“Come… Quillen grinned, “Lets go inside and then you can tell me why you haven’t moved in yet. We were expecting you weeks ago, I’ve already moved in… but it is so terribly dull without you” 

“Yes sorry about that Duncan apologized “Things have happened…. We can’t talk here, but they aren’t good” 

“Rat don’t tell me you’ve changed your mind!” Quillen declared his heart sinking, suddenly concerned Duncan was about to announce that he would no longer be making the move. 

“Of course not” Duncan smiled “Things have just been busy” Once inside after introductions and greetings Quillen finally got his friend alone. “where’s Alice he asked, “I expected her to be here with you?” Continue reading