This is a storyline about Tarik his arrival in Grimstead, meeting his wife and then his eventual return to Darkfire Mountains where he founds a Kingdom of his own.  The Story Start’s with a Bellari so if you’ve already read the “Bellari Storyline you can start at “Tarik Lay’s Claim” and continue on from there.

I’ve Also added some background entry’s on some of the other members of Tarik’s Gifted which will hopefully make later entry’s easier to understand.

Risa, Bellari’s older sister plot’s to kill Kaitlyn, replacing some the herbs in her Fathers Medical bag for poision she hopes to kill the woman who stands bettween her and the crown. Unfortunatly Drystan also gave Bellari some of these herbs to settle  the morning sickness she was experiencing during her first pregancy to Falcon and Bellari now also lies ill.

These Next Chapter’s Arn’t about Tarik but about his two the two main gifted in his arsanal.  These chapter’s  arn’t 100% needed to follow Tarik’s story but i do feel they make it easier to understand some of the later going’s on.

Moving alone we get back to Tarik and his involvements in the battle for grimstead and his reason’s for moving back to the mountains.

Tarik makes his first steps as king, champion of the under dog and self appointed protector of the weak.  Can Tarik really hold his own against grimstead and turn a small castle full of people into a Kingdom??

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