Snakes in the Grass

Kaitlyn shook her head with disgust as she turned the corner of the stairs and saw her visitors. “Well I must say it didn’t take you pair long” she growled.

“Now sister” Peter purred moving up to embrace her “I would have thought you’d be pleased to see us.

“Now why would you think that?” she replied accepting the embrace and allowing him to kiss her on the cheek before looking past  him to where Gabriel hadn’t bothered to stand.

“Were your brothers, aren’t you glad of the visit?” Peter asked the grin on his face spreading from ear to ear.

“There where many days I would have welcomed a visit” she replied “Yet never before had you graced my doorstep. What do you want? Or do I need not ask?”

“How is Duncan?”

“Arh and so we cut straight to the chase” Kaitlyn sneered “Duncan is as well as can be expected considering his uncle has just died”

“Has anyone said anything about who will be King?” Peter asked excitedly, reminding Kaitlyn of an impatient child practically jumping up and down with excitement.

“No not yet” Kaitlyn replied, looking over towards Gabriel who still sat quietly by, “I must say your quiet” she called over “I see you and Peter are quite the inseparable pair, these days”

Gabriel sighed, then stood to meet her “Don’t judge us for being here Kait, all the noblemen will be taking sides.  You should be pleased where willing to help you with Duncan”

“Duncan doesn’t need your help” she replied sharply getting irritated “It’s his birthright it’s what Thomas and Henry wanted for him. I don’t see what other side there is to take”     

“Don’t be naive Kaitlyn” Peter replied grimly “Many think Duncan is still too young.. Daniel is rallying supporters as we speak”

“Daniel.. he has no right to the throne” she protested. “Is he looking to act as regent? till Duncan’s older I don’t understand”

“No Kait” Gabriel interrupted “He’s looking to be King. Pass Duncan by all together”

 “But he can’t… it’s not fair” she spluttered.

“Don’t worry Kait” Peter purred putting his arm around her  “We won’t let that happen, we control the single biggest estate in the Kingdom, he can’t take the crown without our troops”

“He can’t?” she asked hopefully, it had been such a long time since she’d truly been involved in kingdom politics.

“Of course not” Peter replied “And with our help Duncan will grow up to be a fine Hamdun King”

Kaitlyn froze suddenly realising this had nothing to do with Duncan’s birthright “You seek to manipulate him” she spat, shrugging Peter off her shoulder “He’s young and controllable so you think this is a good opportunity to gain power for yourselves???!!”

“Yes” Peter replied, receiving a firm elbow to the side from Gabriel.

“No!” Gabriel interrupted “Of course not, but he would need guidance and I think Peter and I are in a good position to give it”

“I’ll not have you two twisting him for your own purposes” she retorted breaking free of the pair who stood so close it was smothering. Pushing past them she took a few steps into the space . “He’s a good boy, he’ll make a fine King all by himself” she insisted.

“Don’t be Silly Kaitlyn” Peter insisted “he’s too young to make the sorts of decisions that will be required of him alone”

 “I don’t even know why you care Peter, you’re not even a Grimstead Noblemen you have no power in this matter”

“Don’t underestimate the power I still have” Peter retorted. “I still have one foot here”

“No I won’t have it, im not having you two conniving away like a pair of snakes in the grass… Gabriel you can’t possibly going along with him?” She begged hoping her twin would see reason.

 “Kaitlyn it’s for his own good”

“Well I never!” she exclaimed “I knew you’d been spending too much time with this… “she said glowering at Peter, whom she’d never had a close relationship “but when people told me about what you did to our sister I never believed it till now… you make a fine pair! Father would be so proud!” she growled.

For an instant she thought Gabriel was going to hit her, he went beet red and she knew she’d pushed him too far,  but he was beaten to the mark as Peter’s hand came up and grabbed her firmly by the throat. “Kaitlyn you’ll hush your tongue or I’ll… “

“You’ll what?” Another voice interrupted. All three turned to see Lar’s and Duncan enter the room “I said you’ll what?” Duncan demanded. Peter didn’t reply but his face dropped and as quickly as he’d grabbed her Kaitlyn felt her self being released. If you lay another hand on my mother” Duncan continued to growled “I’ll kill you… don’t think that I wont”

“You wouldn’t dare” Peter sneered.

“Care to test me?!” Duncan replied, his tone even.

2 responses to “Snakes in the Grass

  1. *cheers for Duncan* That’s right, Duncan! You act like your daddy’s son and your mom’s son, and nothing, nothing, nothing like a Hamdun nephew and grandson!!

    Seriously. I wanted to reach through the computer and smack those two. Argh, Peter, Gabriel, stop screwing up your sisters’ lives! Haven’t you both messed your own up enough by now?

    At least Kaitlyn has a son who knows what’s what, and a big beefy werewolf husband to chase the jerks away. Poor Ailana didn’t have that.

  2. While I think it’s awesome that Duncan stepped in and stood up for her, especially since that might mean he is not at all like Aldun, I just can’t see Lars saying nothing. He has a temper when he sees those he cares about come to harm, and someone having their hand around his wife’s throat is harmful. I mean even if he didn’t because Duncan did, i can’t image he wouldn’t do at least something to let them know they would have to go through him too.

    And I really did use to like Gabriel, it’s a shame he’s turned out as such. And I do hope Duncan gets his birthright, it would be ridiculous if they passed him by again. But don’t think I have a problem with Daniel either, other than he is power hungry and might start a war over the thrown which should have never been his anyway.

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