Thomas Silverhand

This Storyline Follows Prince Thomas though the early years, the 2nd in line for the thone Thomas thinks he has life easy. At  this point in the story he’s already a father to the baby of a farmers daughter had a passing encounter with who later marry’s Tarik Darkfire one of the noblemen if Grimstead. We watch him as he develop’s a relationship with Holly.

Holly is the daughter of the Merchant woman who married Orrick Vaux after his divorce,  Holly starts this story very much in love with Valdermar Valdermar “>Baeumont but his mother is against their union beliving Valdermar can do better than marry a simple merchant girl.  

The 2nd chapter in the Thomas Story. Thomas has married but life is by no mean’s easy, war is breaking out both in the kingdom and at home.

With Alistair dead our young prince has just been promoted to crowned prince heir to the thone of Grimstead.

Before Thomas could mobilise the army, charging after the traitor Tarik the battle seemed to be over.  A small group of men won the battle before the troop’s even arrived.

Word filtered down though the kingdom that the traitor Tarik who’d been causing Thomas so much trouble and had shot his wife had in fact been a demon in disguse.  

With a heavy heart Thomas sends Quillen back home to his mother. The little boy had been gone far to long and with Thomas’s assension imminent matter’s of heirs and lines must be clear. This storyline follows Thomas though his first tentative steps as King with a wife he can not touch by his side.

With Alistair back from the dead and mayhem breaking out all over the kingdom, Thomas has his hands full. In this Chapter Thomas discover’s that Alistair is a vampire, part of a pack looking to control the thone. He also learn’s that Lar’s Kaitlyn’s new husband and son are both warewolves sworn enemy’s of the vampires.

Thomas Struggles to be the king that everyone wants, while the husband Holly needs. Things really go wrong for thomas in these next few Chapters as the Hamdun’s plot and Plan to get Ailana back into Thomas’s Bed

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