Helena’s Baby

Helena sat eating the last of her evening meal, she was heavily pregnant and Stephan was at work. He’d wanted to stay with her in case she went into labour but money was tight and they’d already had to borrow money from Helena’s mother to pay the last years tax’s.


There was a knock at the door Helena sighed as she recognised the familiar voice of Gabriel calling for her to open up. She ignored his knocks for a few minutes perhaps if I don’t answer he will go away she thought.

snapshot_73238ae2_1323c5b9.jpg  But a few minutes past and he was still banging, Heaving herself off the stool she made her way to the door, opening it cautiously.  “What do you want Gabriel?” she sighed as if she didn’t already know peering cautiously around the door. 

 “please Helena come with me, I love you” he answered. 

 Helena shook her head “ I thought we talked about this, I can’t leave my family besides Im married now Stephan’s a good man and he takes good care of me”  

“But Helena I love you” Gabriel begged “I’ll do anything please, just come with me I have money bring your family with us”. 

 Helena almost laughed at the notion she could just imagine her mothers face if she told her to pack he bags and swan off with her. “ Gabriel don’t be silly” she opened the door fully so Gabriel could see her clearly “ Do I look like Im in any position to travel?”  

Gabriel was stunned staring at Helena’s heavily pregnant belly “ I didn’t know” he stammered ” I knew you where married but not about that”.  

Helena looked as him he looked as if he were about to fall over from the shock, “ come in have a cup of tea at least” she said “we can talk.” Guiding him inside he slumped heavily into a chair, Helena moved to the stove and started to boil some water “ Gabriel you really need to accept its over, we had a great time together but that was 6 years ago things change”. 

Gabriel stood and headed over to Helena “ Tell me you don’t love me, and I’ll leave” he said.

snapshot_73238ae2_5323c4c1.jpg  Helena turned to face him “ I don’t love you” she said, trying her best to be convincing. 

 “Gabriel chuckled “ you never could lie to me” leaning forward he kissed her, she started to respond but after a moment she suddenly realised what she was doing.  

“No Gabriel this is wrong Im a married woman, you need to leave”  she said pointing towards the door.  

Gabriel looked at her squarely “No” he said defiantly “I wont leave without you”. wraping his arms around her waist.  

“Please” she begged “You need to go, please don’t come back again, I have a child to think about” struggling from his grip.  

“I don’t care about that, ill take care of you both. Please Helena come with me”  “No” she screamed tears running freely down her face “ get out, please get out” she said pointing towards the door.  

“No “Gabriel said again defiantly “ I told you I wont leave without you, I know you feel the same way about me”

snapshot_73238ae2_732aa842.jpg  Suddenly there was a gush and a pool of water formed at Helena’s Feet she lurched forward as a contraction hit her “ Oh no “ she said looking at Gabriel a pained look on her face “not now, please go and get my mother” she said trying to make her way to the bedroom.  Gabriel did not need to be told twice, he turned running off into the night.

4 responses to “Helena’s Baby

  1. I hope she delivers the baby okay. Poor Gabriel he really needs to accept that its over but he seems to be determined not to. I hope he is able to move on.

  2. awww, nooo, i want them to somehow get together.
    maybe i’m a hopeless romantic but aww, i want them to get together! >.

  3. Oh noes…he’s a bit obsessed. I hope he gets her mom and then leaves. He’s a bit nuts over her, I’m afraid of what craziness he might do.


  4. I really want them to be together too… guess I’m another one of those hopeless romantics.

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