Gabriel knocked lightly on the door, he could hear the sounds of Jaedyn crying from within, “ Jaedyn, its Gabriel can I come in?” 

“ NO!!!!” was the panicked shriek from within followed by a lot of clattering from within. 

 “Please, id like to speak with you?” he asked again.  

“ hang on a minute “ she replied.



Gabriel waited patiently and after a few moments the door opened, Jaedyn had obviously been crying but had managed to clean herself up a little. “Can we talk?” he asked moving passed her into the room.  

“Sure, she replied “ Im sorry for running off like that you must think Im a terrible baby”.  

 Gabriel shook his head “ don’t be silly, Im sorry my brother has been causing you pain”.  

“ Its ok “ Jaedyn responded, nervously.  

“So!! “ he said smiling “ shall we take a look at this so called whale?”


Jaedyn looked horrified and just as peter had done on their first day Gabriel walked around her looking her up and down, when he was done he smiled “well” he said moving upto her closely looking her in the eye, “I think my brother may need his eye’s testing all I see here is a very beautiful young lady” 






Jaedyn blushed furiously and tears began again to roll down her face.



“really?” she asked weakly” 

“Really” he responded smiling he gently wiped away her tears. 

 “ Your not disappointed?”  

“disappointed?” Gabriel asked, confused. 

 “ Having me for your betrothed ?” 

 The statement hit Gabriel like a ton of bricks, although he’d known he was coming here to meet her for that reason, Because King Henry had asked him to do some other things during his stay he’d almost been able to forget. 

He’d defended her from his brother, not out of a sense of duty to his betrothed, but simply because what he did was wrong and the lady, had been hurt by his actions. 

 He smiled weakly “ No not disappointed” At that moment he wanted to run from there back to the ship, back to the arm’s of his Helena. He realised at the moment how terribly cruel  this whole situation was. 

He didn’t want to hurt this girl standing before him, she seemed so fragile already. She was as much of a victim in this as he was , soon she would be locked in a marriage, she had no control of.  A marriage to a man who’s heart belonged to someone else.


2 responses to “Disappointed?

  1. That Gabriel is really a nice guy… but how sad for everyone involved. And Jaedyn really is beautiful… Peter is a troll. Grrr…

  2. That’s so sad. I forgot all about Helena there for a minute. He was just being a nice guy. But if he *is* such a nice guy, then that’s good news for Jaedyn. Perhaps she will never know about the other girl. And perhpas Gabriel will even come to love her instead. She is quite pretty indeed.

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