Meet the Baev’s

The Baev houshold was ran by Cenmin and his Wife Elvira. As man and wife they had bought up Nathaniel, Maria, Dorothy and Calin.


Their youngest Calin was actually sired by Albert Howard, but as was traditional by those that had been trapped in the castle Cenmin and Elvira raised him as their own, Albert was is father only in blood.

snapshot_b322a433_f322cd7f.jpg Nathaniel their oldest child had married Albert Howard’s oldest girl Laura, and when the family moved to Grimstead they where granted their own house to raise their children Edmund and Katherine, to add to further confusion Katherine also not Nathaniel’s child by blood, she was in fact the daughter of his father.

snapshot_7322cf9d_f322cf9e.jpg  A fact that had almost torn the couple apart, they had been married just a few years when Tarik had made the decision to allow Laura a second child as long as it was sired by Canmin. Nathaniel and Laura had an epic love and jealousy ate at Nathaniel for years after the deed and to this day he has barely spoken to Tarik or his Father.

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