Valdermar Baeumont

Valdermar Baeumont’s Story, the heir of the Baeumont Estate he stuggles with his controlling mother for the right to decide who he marry’s and fights Prince Thomas for the the love of his life and Eventually starts on the path to a very troubled marriage.

Valdermar torn by the knowledge that the woman he loved married another. Valdermar’s sanity declines as quickly ad his fall from royal favor as he’s forced to marry a woman he doesn’t love by his overbearing mother.

Prince Thomas is no longer sure who control’s his Kingdom, as Valdermar seems to have made some very powerful friends. With Valdermar living up to his threats Thomas was forced to release him, however with his wife runaway he’s about to learn powerful friends have a heavy price,  and Risa isn’t the only Vampire in town. 

The Next Entry’s Surround Holly and her split with Thomas. Incase you’ve not read the Thomas Storyline yet, essentially what happened was Holly had a fall that crippled her from the waist down the knowledge that she’ll never have children has slowly been tearing the couple apart.  By now Valdermar has been relegated to the far corner of the kingdom as far away from Thomas as he could find.

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