Lucy paced nervously “It’s just wrong” she muttered to herself. Orrick sat patently in the corner he’d been called in when Lucy had been arrested.

Valdemar generally dealt with such matters and it was simply Orrick’s job to make sure justice was dealt but because he was involved Valdemar had been deemed to close to the matter to give a fair judgment. Lucy was glad for that at least, Valdemar was already calling for her to be hung, and her estate forfeit.

But first everyone was waiting for the verdict of the church, matter’s between husband and wife where the domain of the church. For now Marrisa was being held in the keeping of the church till Father Mathew decided what should be done.

Eventually the door opened, Valdemar entered the small room closely followed by Father Mathew and Marrisa. The young girl looked pale and drawn having obviously not slept well with worry, Lucy tried to give her a comforting smile but she wasn’t sure it helped.

Everyone sat around a large table, Lucy watched as tears trickled down Marrisa’s face, terrified of an almost guarantied verdict which would send her home to her husband.

“Well” Father Mathew began “Today is a sad day, seeing you both before me like this, I remember your wedding day I had such high hopes for they both….”

“Get on with it” Valdemar snapped interrupting the old man.

“Very well” The priest replied highly irritated. “Marrisa shall be sent home to her husband where she belongs” he began, Lucy’s face dropped but before she had time to protest the priest continued “However, I am not happy with the event’s that have led to this situation” he replied almost glaring at Valdemar “I do not believe you have given this young woman chance to be a wife and mother and therefore, I make the decision that we will wait two year’s … if this young woman has not fallen pregnant within two year’s I will put an end to the marriage”.

“A year” Valdemar growled “Why can’t we do it now??? I have a replacement ready now”

Father Mathew looked smugly “Sorry My Lord I don’t think I made myself clear, in one year I will grant a divorce not an annulment”

“What!!!” Valdemar gasped “You would prevent me re-marrying??”

“Yes” Father Mathew replied “No only that but I will be checking in on your wife, if her mistreatment continues I may put an end to it sooner”

“What I do with my wife is none of your concern priest” he spat.

“Well that really depends on if you plan to remain a member of the parish doesn’t it??” Mathew retorted “If your mistreatment continues I will see it that no priest in Grimstead will serve you or your family, may your souls be damned”

Valdemar fumed, “So what about her??” he spat pointing at Lucy, looking to take his frustration out there.

Everyone turned to Orrick, who despite himself had enjoyed seeing the young lord bested by the priest “I see no reason to blow this out of proportion” Orrick replied “Lady Shaw here is obviously a woman without the much needed guidance of a man “He grinned giving her a sideways glance” She really cant be held accountable, after all she’s only a woman. I think a fine and some instruction from the good church on how it’s not fitting to interfere with another woman’s marriage should suffice”.

Lucy smiled she didn’t much like the suggestion that she was too stupid to realise what she was doing, but the look on Orrick’s face let her know he didn’t believe it anymore than she did and had just used to get her out of trouble.

“A fine!!!!” Valdemar fumed “Instruction, you call that a punishment??? ” he growled “I want her estate!!!”

“No” Orrick replied sternly “20,000 gold pieces and lesson’s in none-interference is quite punishment enough, besides I do not have the authorisation to take her estate, if you want it that badly I suggest you take it up with her father”.

“I’ll remember this Lord Vaux” Valdemar growled between gritted teeth his anger evident.

Orrick nodded and smiled “I hope you do”


2 responses to “None-interference

  1. I must say I like the solution and that bit about her father made me smile. Hah, I’d like to see that trial. And I guess this might be better for her too because a women without a man in those times wouldn’t be able to do much for themselves, and since she’d been previously married it’d be hard to find another husband.

  2. Ooh, yeah I like this outcome a lot. I totally hate Valdemar. He’s changed a lot since the days of University. I hope Marissa doesn’t get pregnant. I don’t want her carrying his evil child.

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