Waiting for Valdemar

The door to the cellar opened, just a crack and light flooded in, so bright it hurt Marrisa’s eye’s. Shielding herself she waited for the kick that was so predicable of Valdemar’s arrival.

When it didn’t come she dared to look up, kneeling at her side sat Neve the maid, her stomach swollen with Valdemar’s child. “I’m so sorry” she wept, helping Marrisa to sit she handed her a cup of water.

“It’s not your fault” Marrisa managed to croak, her throat dry she struggled to take controlled sip’s “How long have I been here?”

“Almost a month milady” Neve sobbed. “Lady Shaw came to see you yesterday, but Lady Beaumont wouldn’t let her in”

“She did??” Marrisa asked in disbelief.

“Yes milady, after Avril sent her away she snuck around the back, I spoke to her me self. She sounded very concerned about ye”

“She barely even knows me, why would she care?” Marrisa replied, not understanding why a complete stranger would take an interest in her.

“That don’t matter, she a decent woman who cares isn’t that enough milady?” Neve asked.

Marrisa shrugged, she’d never met many people in her live willing to put themselves out for another, never mind someone who would poke their nose into another woman’s marriage, generally a place one didn’t interfere.

“Anyway” Neve continued ” she told me to tell ya that there was a place for yer at her house and that she’d help you if you needed it”.

Marrisa shook her head “how can she help?” she asked sadly.

“Im not sure Mam” Neve admitted “but it can’t be any worse than here, he’s gonna leave ya ta die the way he’s goin on”.

“He won’t” Marrisa replied “He’ll come get me soon”.

“Im not so sure, please won’t ya think about it? Just go get away from here go and be safe?”

“No he’ll come and get me” Marrisa insisted. “Im his wife, he has too”.

“Milady please see reason, he doesn’t care for you have to take care of ya self”

“I know he’ll come, he’s not so bad” Marrisa reasoned, “you haven’t seen him the way I have, he used to be such a caring young man”.

“He used to be, maybe” Neve reasoned “but that man is gone and all that is left is a bitter shell full of hate, his ma saw to that and the quicker you realize that the better. Now please won’t you go to Lady Shaw’s??”

“No” Marrisa replied “if he doesn’t come for me in the next few days I’ll concider it, but I belive he’ll come”.

Neve shook her head sadly “Alright milady, I’ll bring you some food tonight”

“Thank you Neve” Marrisa replied gratefully draining the cup she handed it back and watched as the young maid, headed back out the kitchen locking the door behind her.

3 responses to “Waiting for Valdemar

  1. If he comes I don’t think it will be to make up with her, she probably should go, at least she’ll have food and water. I feel sorry for Neve too though, she obviously doesn’t want to be there either, I wonder what her poor babes going to grow up to be with such “good” influences around.

  2. crazy woman

  3. Woman in denial……a proper kickin for him

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