Daniel Learn’s Something

Daniel and Sophie had stayed in their chambers long enough that people didn’t get suspicious but eventually they returned to the party, Sophie happily wandered off milling with the other women folk while Daniel returned to the corner Gabriel and Valdermar sit sat in, having now been joined by his roommate at university and Gabriel’s younger brother Abel.


The conversation flitted between various small talk but eventually Daniel noticed that he hadn’t seen Thomas in some time. “Where’s Thomas?” he asked.

Gabriel smiled knowingly “I think he’s otherwise occupied” he explained.

“Occupied? Occupied how?”

“Pretty much the same way you’ve been for the last hour” Gabriel chuckled.

Daniel was just about the say ‘what fighting with his wife’ when he suddenly remembered what it was the other noblemen thought he’d been upto.  “what? .. He’s??… With who?!”


“I saw Ailana guiding him upstairs about 10minutes ago”

“Ailana!” Ailana your sister Ailana?!!!” Daniel gasped unable to hide his shock “but…. Holly… he’s a married man!?”

Gabriel and the other noblemen chuckled, obviously amused by the young lords apparent naivety.

“Sophie!” Daniel gasped as another realisation hit him “Sophie was right!”

“Right about what?” Gabriel asked.

“Nothing” Daniel replied “it doesn’t matter… what Holly is going to say?”

“I don’t think anyone’s planning on telling her” Gabriel explained “un-written law between noblemen” he winked.

“It’s about time anyway” Abel chirped in. “Daniel as I was trying to explain to you back on the mainland, Thomas needs a solid heir… Holly isn’t going to provide children so Thomas really needs to move on”


Daniel didn’t reply, to busy in thought.

“I think it’s about time too” Valdemar agreed “Holly… nice girl but not queen material, besides I can barely imagine going a week without, never mind 5 years… I won’t be surprised if poor Ailana can’t walk tomorrow”

Daniel’s mind reeled while the other noblemen laughed about the situation. He wasn’t quite sure what shocked him more, the fact that Sophie had been right and that Thomas had done it or the simple fact of that the other lords seemed to think it was a good thing.


“You think this is a good thing?!… I mean Gabriel that’s your sister!?”

“Yes I know” Gabriel replied “who do you think arranged it?”

“Did Thomas know? Was it planned? Is that why he left Holly at homes” The question’s poured out of Daniels mouth in a torrent.

“Of course not” Gabriel smiled “Sometimes Thomas needs help to help himself”


“So what now?” Daniel asked.

“Hopefully Ailana will please him enough to become the new queen… if not.. well at least Thomas has broken that dry spot he was experiencing” Gabriel chuckled.

3 responses to “Daniel Learn’s Something

  1. Wow I hope nothing actually happens with Thomas and Ailana. I’ve spent the past few days trying to catch up on the storylines, and I’m loving what you have so far.

  2. welcome back i thought you’d gone alittle quiet :)

  3. just busy with work and life :)

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