Raeanne Vaux

One of Orrick’s Twin Girls, this story follow’s her from University upto presant day

Thomas Stay’s at university for an extra year after Raeanne Leaves and during this time he fall’s in Love with Holly, Bound by dutie he tries to accept that he will be marrying Raeanne.

Raeanne lives quite happily as Kaitlyn’s lady in waiting. But when Alistair dies and Kaitlyn’s behaviour deteriorates and the king fear’s for her sanity an attack in the night prove’s to be the end final straw.

With a Vampiric Alistair back from the Dead Laying claim of Kaitlyn and backed by Thomas. Raeanne is sent with the children back to Vaux estate while Wolf Fight’s with his Father.

The Next Chapter’s arn’t really a Raeanne Storyline as she’s not presant in them nor does she find out “to date” what truely happened at the Cabin however. If you want to skip them, or have read them in the Kaitlyn/Lar’s storylines feel free you’ll pick up on what happened and how it effected Raeanne when i do the next stage in the Raeanne Storyline.

Having Messed up the only two relationship Raeanne has had, losing Wolf just as they got thing’s back on track Raeanne faces life as a single mother, two old to be considered marryable to young to spend her life alone.

At this Point with the help of Kaitlyn manages to convince Lar’s to let Raeanne move back to live with the father, On the condition he keeps close contact with Skye and she moves back when Skye begin’s puberty. 

The next entrys happen’s After Thomas’s death.  At this point her Fathers wife Nicole has died, and Raeanne has taken over as the caregiver for her children.

This Entry happens At the celebrations for Daniels Coronation

The entry’s arn’t really about her but I think her actions and advice given show the relationships she’s starting to form with various members of her family and the sort of person she is becoming. 

You Can skip if you’ve read the Maegan/Christopher Storylines.

After Anya’s outburst Jaedyn is killed but not before Christopher Saves Finnian taking him home with him, as such Raeanne is at Christophers home helping to look after him when Danson next comes calling.

The Story begin’s to cross back over with her brothers at this point as she remains part of his household but i will continue to seperate them for now.

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