Christopher Vaux

Orricks Chapters

If you have read the earlier “Orrick Chapters” You don’t need to read this section Just skip straight head to the next chapter.  However if you haven’t read these Chapter’s before proceeding.

Christopher is the Hier of the Vaux estate, The last child bore of Orrick’s marriage to Lynette Baeumont. We watch as he struggled to find acceptance in the world where his father chose the love of a merchant woman over the love of Christophers mother. While his mother falls into the hands of an abusive man.

The Vaux’s Storyline continues here, it now primarily focuses on Christopher, Jump straight in here if youve read Orricks Storylines.

Christopher is sent to university where he develops a love of military tactic’s, women and getting himself into trouble he struggles to get out of.

Desipite Orrick’s encouragement to find a noble wife, Christopher comes home from University alone forcing Orrick to look within Grimstead for a wife for his young son. 

Christopher also makes an entrance in the Deonte/Brittany storyline, it’s not an essential read but if your interested in how he now deals with the maid he got pregnant.  

You might want to go and read from ‘go and meet her’ to ‘What about now’, ‘Fresh Start’ and finally ‘Un-invited guest’ it just gives a feel for the sort of man Christopher’s become.

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