Kaitlyn Hamdun

This Storyline follow possibly Grimstead’s most important female character in Grimstead.

 These first Chapters outline her first love and Marriage to Alistair Silverhand the Crowned Prince of Grimstead. 

The Next Chapter take Kaitlyn though the next part of her life, watching as she deals with Alistairs death and takes the next steps in moving on.

Having Followed Kaitlyn though her first marriage and the loss of her husband, we now follow he though her 2nd marriage to Lar’s a man with a secret. We found out in the Last Chapter that Alistair is not dead but has instead been turned into some sort of Vampire by Risa and her Witchcraft. 

If Kaitlyn’s life was not complicated enough it seems her new husband and his son are also not what they seem to be and are in fact Werewolves who are  fully aware of Alistair’s new affliction these two races have been at war for century’s.

Having Learned of Alistair’s ressurection she watched in horror as her new husband tore him apart. Unable to forgive him she’s joined the other side and starts to learn what really go’s bump in the night. We also Introduce Alice and Faulke to the family in this chapter Lar’s children to his wife Maud he thought long since dead.

With Thomas dead we now follow Kaitlyn and Lar’s as they attempt to help Duncan re-gain his throne and watch as Lar’s call’s for backup from the rest of the Garou Nation

Regardless of how happy she is about it, Kaitlyn is shown what being a member of a Pack is all about.

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