Asha Talon

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We carry on with the Talon Family, but this time we follow though Bellari’s daughter Asha, one of the twin’s bore from Bellari’s odd encounter with Tarik. While the Previous story’s arn’t essential to reading these next chapter’s knowing where Asha comes from might help.

Asha has grown up living in the Tavern in Aelmead the Hamdun’s Estate, with her adoptive father Falcon but still has close link’s with Tarik and concider’s herself lucky to have 2 father’s who love her. A fiercely independent tomboy, quite unlike many women in her age she has a mind she’s quite able to speak and often does when she shouldn’t.

Asha is the product of two “gifted” parent’s and had developed a gift of her own, able to move things with her mind with sometimes devistating consequences.We Follow Asha from the age of 14 when she just start’s getting interested in boy’s.  Starting with her first encounter with Wolf, a man with a few secret’s of his own.

With this being the “Talon Storyline” I’ve included some “Falcon – Daisy stuff” as a figure alot of  Falcon’s and Asha’s storylines are fairly entwined.

Reading the Tormented storyline will give you some background on Daisy, but all you really need to know is that Daisy was a young farmgirl who Aldun Hamdun bought to act as his sons mistress when Gabriel’s wife failed to get pregnant as quickly as he would have liked.  The relationship with Gabriel was reasonably messy, they fell in love and she gave birth to his child, but trouble with his wife, along with the suspision that her daughter Enora wasn’t his caused him to abandon her.

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