Raeanne makes a pact

Raeanne woke to find herself crudely tied to a chair, barely remembering what happened so tried to shake the fogginess from her mind.  She remember Eva.. a knife, the burning door handle… and oh god she remember Emily and Matila.

Looking around frantically she tried to locate her two younger sisters. Matila was no-where to be seen but in a heap in the corner she could see Emily lying motionless in a pool of her own blood.  ‘Em… ‘ she called ‘Emily… Emily… wake up” her heart in her mouth as the realization hit her that chances where Emily could no-longer hear anyone.

“Mommy!”  she heard Skye squeal…. Turning towards the sound she saw her daughter rushing into the room, a knife in hand.

“Hurry Skye” she called back “Cut me free we need to get out of here”

Skye rushed towards her, her pretty dress caked in blood her hair matted and messed clinging to her face.

“Mommy!” Raeanne repeated suddenly as the realization hit her…noting the blade in her daughters hand was the same blade Eva had been holding earlier. “You don’t call me Mommy”

“Clever Mommy” Skye grinned, suddenly stopping dead in her tracks, spinning her blade in her fingers with the ease of someone used to weaponry… unlike a child.

“Who are you? Where’s my daughter!” she demanded.

“She’s here” the creature responded, Skyes green/blue eye’s suddenly replaced by orbs of pure darkness as it twitched awkwardly.

“Let her go!”

“Go… where would she go?” the creature replied… “Saying that .. im not sure there is much of her left”

“What do you mean”

“She fought me at first” the creature admitted… “But she lost all fight after the first killing… the taste of Human flesh on her lips. You’d think Garou would be used to it.. but now I honestly think she found it all abit too much to handle”

“What are you, what have you done to her”

“I am hell… the nightmare… “ the creature grinned. “I mean.. After Tarik and the Kindred, this was admittedly a downgrade… but she has so much potential. Fiesty little thing really.. and who would suspect sweet little Skye.. I’ve had a lot of fun with her”

“What has my father done to you?” Raeanne demanded “Why did you go after him?”

“Him!” the creature scoffed.. “You think this is about HIM!… oh no dear woman this isn’t about your father, it’s about that blasted Kindred, I’d hoped to have gutt his pretty little wife before I was discovered, but alas plans don’t ever seem to go quite my way. She appears to have hidden herself on me…. Now… you’re going to help me find her”

“I will not!”

“Oh but you will” he creature smiled, “Because I’m going to hurt you… I’m going to hurt you so badly you beg me to allow you to help… and if you don’t… well…..” The creature paused, turning the blade in its hand…. Before plunging it deeply into its hosts stomach. “I’m the only one who can save her……..”  Blood oozed from the wound, quickly spreading though it was hard to tell where Skyes blood started and the creatures victims blood began. “Ma… “ a whimper escaped the creatures lips as the eye’s turned back blue/green “Ma… help me.. im scared”

Raeanne screamed realizing the creature had all but briefly let go of its control of the little girl. “Skye Skye”

“Mam… “ The little girl whimpered, looking down at the knife and letting it drop to the floor as she went instead to grasp her stomach before falling to her knees.

“Ok….. Ok ….”  Raeanne screamed “I’ll help… just tell me what you want me to do!”

One response to “Raeanne makes a pact

  1. Wow, wasn’t expecting this! I am going to have to do a reread (which is good, because I need something to read on my phone before I go sleep) but I just wanted to say it’s nice to see you back and updating! :)

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