Bringing Her Home

 The two men lounged in front of the fire, the first relax night either of the pair had the luxury of in weeks since Abels wedding plans where moved forward and the whole castle was sent into chaos.

“So how is married life treating you?” Thomas chuckled.

“A little early to say” Abel replied “she’s … behaving.. thus far so I suppose I should count myself lucky”

“Did she like her gift?”

Abel nodded “I believe so, I think I startled her with it but I think she appreciated the effort involved in creating it”

Thomas chuckled “I suppose you’ll be working on a crib next?”

Abel chuckled “Its rather early for that sort of talk” Both men laughed, and then a peaceful sort of silence came over the room as they watched the flames flickering in the fireplace.

“Abel” Thomas asked suddenly “Did you see Holly, yesterday?”

Abel Paused, and seemed suddenly concerned “I did” he admitted “She looks well”

“I didn’t see her” Thomas sighed “I over heard Perisa talking with Jasmine… why do you think she didn’t say hello? Are we really that far gone that the nicety’s have vanished?”

Abel sighed, “I don’t think it’s that” he offered, “she didn’t stay long, I suspect her leaving was more to do with you and my sister than you and her”

“Oh…..” Thomas went quiet and thoughtful.

“It’s bound to be difficult” Abel offered, “I dare say if it was you who had seen her first.. Valdermar drooling over her the way her was you’d have fond it it just as awkward”

“Valdermar?!” Thomas asked “I didn’t see him either?”

“He and Holly came together” Abel offered realising his mistake as soon as he said it.

“He came with Holly?!”

“Yes” Abel Nodded cringing “she’s living with him, didn’t you know”

“No I damn well didn’t” Thomas replied sharply “does everyone know? Have you all been keeping it from me?”

 “No” Abel shook his head “We only found out when they told us yesterday”

“Are they a couple?” Thomas asked warily looking both disgusted and terrified by the thought.

“I don’t believe so” Abel replied “Thomas really it isn’t as bad as all that”

“Don’t tell me what it’s as bad as” Thomas growled “He tried to kill her, has she gone completely out of her mind?”

“She’s helping him with his son”

“She has gone mad!” Thomas decided, “I can’t believe she’s so desperate for a child she’d put herself in danger like that”

“Woman are strange creatures… they don’t think the way we do”

“I just can’t believe it” Thomas growled, leaping from his seat “Well I won’t have it, he’s only doing this to get at me… and she well she’s clearly gone out of her mind”

“I don’t think he would….” Abel started before getting cut off.

“Don’t tell me what he wouldn’t do… the man knows no bounds… well I’m not having it, go get my coach ready”

“Your highness”

 “NOW!!… I’m damn well bringing her home”

One response to “Bringing Her Home

  1. I don’t know what to say to this! On the one hand — yay!! A chance for Thomas & Holly to get back together! On the other hand — when he shows up there, she’s gonna kill him if he tries to drag her back home!

    Oy, and that’s not even dealing with the Valdemar + the vamps + the adorable-Eadric-needs-a-mommy issues.

    Still, I live in hope that this will lead to good things. (A girl can dream, right?)

    PS: Pictures, yay! They’re lovely, and I love the face you caught Thomas making.

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