Time To Leave

Marissa burst through the door into small bed chamber where a startled soldier sat, “Milady”

“Your off duty??” she asked forcefully dressed in her winter coat.

“Yes Milady” he replied sharply not quite sure what the hell was going on.

“Good” she replied “can you drive a wagon?”

“Yes milady” the soldier replied.

“Good, get me a wagon and bring it to the stables i need you to take me out”

“Pardon” the solider replied “Im off duty” he tried to explain.

“This isn’t an official request” Marissa replied “I need you to do it, and not tell anyone, Please??

“But….” the solider began  to protest, but as the words began to leave his lips Marissa held out her hand determinedly opening her fingers she revealed a diamond necklace.

“for you” she interrupted” if you do this for me, it’s worth a lot of money”

“Yes milady” the solder replied jumping to his feet “right away… where is it where going?” he asked.

“I’ll tell you when you have the wagon” Marissa replied, pocketing the necklace and throwing a small bag in his direction “meet me by the stable, as soon as you can”

“Yes milady” he replied, giving her a quick bow before he raced off to find a wagon.

Spinning on her heel’s Marissa didn’t wait to ponder, running off down the corridor and up the stair’s towards Eden’s room, bursting through the door she didn’t stop pulling Eden’s cupboard open quickly rummaged through the contents, while Eden sat stunned on her bed and watched.

“We need to go” Marissa urged “Get your things”

Eden didn’t say a word, and nor did instead she just watched as Marissa grabbed anything she could lay her hands on while shoving it into Eden’s case.

“Hurry up” Marissa urged again noticing her cousin hadn’t moved “Eden please we need to get out of here”

Eden still didn’t move, her eye still blackened from her last beating , she sat motionless for a moment before lying down onto the bed. Marissa dropped what she was doing, rushing to her cousins side grabbing her roughly by the shoulders she pulled her back to a sitting position “did you hear me??!” she asked the panic evident in her voice “we need to go”

Eden didn’t respond,  the only indication that she’d even heard Marissa was that she now looked back towards the abandoned case.  

“I did a terrible thing” Marissa sobbed “I killed Avril…. and now if we don’t get out of here Valdemar will kill me…. come on please… Eden we need to go”

“Leave me” Eden whispered.

“No” Marissa replied harshly “I won’t leave you here, come on please get your things.”

“No” Eden replied, allowing her body to go limp Marissa struggled to keep her upright.

“Eden!!” Marissa snapped shaking her cousin violently “we have to go, i need to get you somewhere safe before Valdermar really hurts you”.

“I don’t care” Eden replied “just leave me”

“No” Marissa sobbed “you’re coming even if I have to damn well carry you”

Suddenly there was a noise in the courtyard, Marissa let go of Eden letting her fall back to the bed where the young woman curled back up into a ball. Looking out of the window she breathed a sigh of relief, it was only the young solider with the wagon, Valdemar was due home soon, and she wanted to make sure she was far from here when he arrived.

Opening Eden’s jewellery box, she shoved what little jewellery the young woman had into her pocket, grabbing Eden’s winter cloak she returned to the bed, grabbing Eden by the wrist she dragged her back to a sitting position “don’t make me carry you” she growled.

A few minutes later she and Eden sat bundled up in the back of the wagon, “where too??” the young solider asked.

“The mountains” Marissa replied determinedly,  Lucy had once said that Tarik was likely the only person not afraid to defend those who need it, that he wasn’t hung up on tradition or politics’ she only hoped that in this case she was right, she’d gathered up everything she had of value she only hoped it was enough to buy Eden a new life.

4 responses to “Time To Leave

  1. Wow! I’m just catching up on my reading, and you’ve sucked me back in!

    I’m starting up a RKCish neighborhood and planning to steal some of your methods- if you had it to do over again, what would you change at the start to make things easier?



  2. Gosh too many things … i would have started with more family’s and i would have gotten rid of all the exess townies.

    I would have started thinking about my population from the start and how it would grow, especially thought the upper class’s that way i wouldn’t have needed so many “townie”/ lower class marrage’s earlier on, in perticular i wouldn’t have started by having drystan baemount and his two sisters or at least i wouldn’t have married them off to the other noble males, because i ended up with a nightmare in gen 2 because all the noble kids where cousins ARGH!!!

    hmmm … loads of other stuff haha

  3. Wow, this is getting really great. I think I’m going to wind up ending my New Cornwall blog and starting over. I just can’t seem to get back in the swing of things. :/

  4. Hope they make it okay. Although now I wonder about Eden’s sanity.

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