Dawns Lady

Dawn watching in horror as her young helper twirled like a hurricane around her chambers. Dawn had always been a lover of peace and quiet, she had always enjoyed her own company and while her initial reaction to having a lady had not been one of abject horror nor had she truly been enthusiastic.

Watching as Krista tore another book from the shelf, she watched as the young woman carelessly flicked though the pages before dumping it unceremoniously on the table. “I’m bored!” Krista complained, “Is there nothing to do around here?”

“You could help me with this sewing” Dawn offered. 

“We have been sewing all morning” Krista reasoned, “Don’t you tire of it?”

“Sometimes” she agreed.

“Why don’t we go outside and watch the men training?” Krista suggested, “I bet there will be something worthwhile to watch there?”

“Sir Shieldsmith doesn’t like me out in the courtyard” she replied. “Besides it isn’t seemly to watch, the men might get the wrong idea”

“Or the right one” Krista giggled. “I bet Danson, is quite a sight to watch”

“Sir Shieldsmith” Dawn corrected, niggled by the girls casual usage of the Knights given name, a name she barely dared to use privately in the knights presence.  It simply seemed highly inappropriate for the low born girl to use his given name, even if she didn’t use it in his company.

“You still aren’t comfortable in his presence are you?” Krista asked.

“Should I be?”

“Yes silly, he’s your husband” Krista giggled, “Is he the first boy you’ve kissed?”

“Yes of course” Dawn replied, feeling somewhat insulted

“You are so lucky“ Krista decided, “Having a man like Danson to care for you… I don’t think there is a man in the Kingdom who would care for a woman more”

“I agree” she tried to smiled, she knew Danson took good care of her. Many girls where not so lucky, yet there was always a knawing in the pit of her stomach an unsettled feeling.

She remembered back to the conversation she had once had with Sir Hamdun, in the chapel about marriage.  She had hoped back then that she would feel differently about men and marriage once she herself was married, back then she would not dared to hope to marry a man as gentle as Sir Shieldsmith, but sadly despite her best efforts her feelings had not changed.  She didn’t feel like a wife, nor did she feel like wife material.  The thought of popping out an endless stream of children, filled her full of dread. She let out a long drawn sigh, it wouldn’t be long now she supposed before Danson had her expecting their first child.

“Whatever is the matter?” Krista asked “You look as though you’ve seen a ghost”

“I was thinking of babies” she admitted the words slipping out before she had chance to stop them.

Krista grinned “It won’t be long now I suppose. You are married and they do seem to come hand in hand with marriage. Do you think you’re expecting yet?”

“No” she shook her head “I haven’t been married long”

“Yes but you an Danson where at it before you were married” Krista giggled.

“Please stop calling him Danson!” She begged. “It isn’t appropriate”

“I’m sorry”  the girl quickly apologised.

“And we weren’t ‘at it’!” she insisted the girls inappropriateness bothering her more than she liked. “I was married when we….”

“That’s not what people say”

“I know what they say” Dawn agreed, “But it isn’t so….”

Krista nodded and seemed to accept the fact. Dawn watched as the young girl headed to the window where she could see out into the courtyard. “Your brother is sparring” Krista noted. “Shall we go down and watch?”

“No we should leave the men to train”

“Oh but there is nothing else to do!” The young woman complained.

“I’m going to have a lie down” Dawn decided, truthfully she needed to simply get out of the room, her stomach was still unsettled and the vomiting had gotten worse. Luckily she had managed to keep it hidden but her new ‘friends’ incessant rabbiting and bouncing made it hard to feel anything but awful.

“Is everything alright?”

“Yes just tired, I’m not sleeping well” she lied.

2 responses to “Dawns Lady

  1. And we missed Krista’s reply to “not sleeping well”? No fair! ;)

    Poor Dawn. I know I say that a lot, but … it needs to be said. At least she isn’t married to Gabriel — I shudder to imagine what he would have done to her. Meagan is bad enough, I don’t think Dawn could remotely take it.

    And I think Dawn desperately needs somebody to talk to, too. She’s so confused and lonely … I can see why she doesn’t want to talk to Krista (personalities are not meshing well here), but she needs somebody she can open up to. Kaitlyn would be a good mentor for her — it’s too bad Kaitlyn is so out of reach and neck-deep in her own problems.

    Lucy would have been great here, too. :( Darn you, Valdermar!

    … But what about Abigail, Dawn’s aunt? Might she be willing to have a chat with Dawn? Fill her in on the symptoms of pregnancy among other things?

  2. I doubt very much that Dawn even knows Abigael, she married a commoner so will have disappeared into a completly different social circle.

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