Tristen takes a turn

Tristen lay on the bed, Alice had no clue what had happened to him, he had been fine when they had left home but halfway to her mothers he’d gotten really sick.  Placing the cup of water down next to bed she couldn’t help but feel disappointed, she had so wanted to introduce him to everyone.

“How are you feeling?” she asked, softly noticing him opening his eye’s.

“I feel awful” he admitted.

Placing her hand on his head, there was no sign of a temperature. “You feel aright” she smiled, “Perhaps its just a bug, hopefully you’ll feel better tomorrow”

“I’m not so sure” Tristen replied, “I think I might miss the wedding” 

“Oh… “

“I’m sorry” he promised, “I didn’t mean to get sick”

“It’s aright” she agreed, “I know you didn’t… I just wanted you to meet everyone that’s all.. my ma, Farid… Faulke”

“Farid… why does he matter?”

“He’s my friend”

“I don’t want you to be friends with him…. I don’t want you to be friends with anyone who wants to steal you away from me”

“Awww,, silly.. he won’t steal me away” she smiled, he was so sweet and he loved her so much.


“Promise” she grinned, leaning over to kiss his forehead.

“Alice…. I …. wanted to ask you something”


“I wanted to ask you to marry me” he smiled, “I know it’s not very romantic but I know you wanted to get married in a church, so I thought since we where here?”

She stood stunned, of course she’d thought about it. Dreamed about it … but never had she thought it would happen…..

“Alice… “ he prompted.

She didn’t get chance to answer as the door suddenly flew open and Farid stormed in, the next few seconds a blur as Farid seemed to attack Tristen. Spinning, she saw Duncan in the doorway “Help him” she begged as Tristen doubled up in pain from Farid’s telepathic attack.

“He’s got this coming” Duncan reasoned coolly.

She didn’t understand, what was happening or why as Tristen yelled out in pain. She realised then that while Tristen was Kinfolk and better able to defend himself than normal humans that was little help against what seemed to be an angry mage.

“Get off him!” she yelled, grabbing Farid roughly knocking the young man easily to the ground. But Farid didn’t stop a look of focused concentration on his face barely showed any acknowledgement that he’d been knocked to the floor.  “Farid stop!”  she squealed, grabbing his tunic and banging his shoulders into the floor as Tristen began to bleed from the nose.

“Enough Farid” Duncan suddenly interjected, forcefully, seeming to realise the attack had gone far enough.

“Farid stop” she screamed, hitting the young man hard, her garou strength seeming to jolt him enough that he came around.

“What… what” the young man asked seeming confused momentarily.

“What are you doing?” she sobbed, releasing him so she could head to Tristen’s side, who was by not unconscious and bleeding heavily.

“I ain’t ever letting no-one hurt you Alice” he reasoned.

“He isn’t hurting me… he loves me”

“No Alice he don’t, he ain’t true to you….. Alice he ain’t true to you at all”

Confused she looked up at Duncan, “It’s true” the young-man replied, “He knew Farid would be able to read his mind, that’s why he’s been pretending to be sick. But he couldn’t keep me hidden, so Farid read mine instead”

“So…. so you knew?” she mumbled helplessly.

“Sorry Alice, you wouldn’t have believed me”

“Who…. who has he been with?”

“Heather and Ailith as far as know” Duncan replied, “I’m so sorry Alice I wanted to tell you… but you thought I was jealous”

Stunned, she felt her stomach knot up. Noticing her brother and mother now at the doorway clearly drawn by the noise she let Farid up off the ground and stood herself.

“You should of told me” she hissed at Duncan. “You should have told me!” she screamed, feeling herself lose control she slapped him hard across the face. “I hate you… I hate you all”  Bursting though the crowd she ran.

One response to “Tristen takes a turn

  1. Yeah, I think Tristan did have that coming. But there was probably … No, definitely a better way to tell Alice than that. Poor dear.

    *sigh* now all that Alice has to do is pick up the pieces … Again … That girl needs a long break from romance!

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