Anya Prays

Anya clung desperately to Brenna’s hand, as she dragged the little girl though the network of secret passages and tunnel’s which lined the walls of the Dacre estate. Her husband as a paranoid creature it seemed and for once she was glad of it, even though it had been several minutes since she had been entirely sure where in the house they were.

Finding a trap door she heaved it open, a dark ladder disappeared beneath. ‘Down… did she really want to go down… down was into the basement… the basement… was underground. Was that really the place she wanted to go? She asked herself unable to remember if there was even an exit down there. Suddenly she remember Vincent’s chambers, no-where in the house would be more secure.  “Come on” she urged, tugging on Brenna’s hand as she put her first step onto the ladder. 

“I’m scared” the little girl sobbed, “it’s dark, he might be down there”

“Hush it will be alright” Anya soothed, “Please hurry”

“Terrified the little girl accepted the decision and with a fearful glance behind her began to climb down into the darkness.

Hurrying down behind her there was a heart wrenching moment when she lost sight of her sister, panic flooding her already panic ridden body. “Bren…?”

“What?” came a small voice from the darkness.

“Sorry I couldn’t see you” she admitted as she reached the floor and was finally able to see her.

“Do you think Raeanne got to Matilda and Skye?” Brenna dared as Anya took her hand once again.

“I’m sure she did” Anya nodded, the last time she’d seen her older sister it was to see her racing up the stairs to the nursery. She still wasn’t sure what exactly had happened, everything had happened so fast and there had been so much blood. The only thing that was clear was that whoever was in the house had killed a dozen maids leaving the number five painted on the wall and every door and window had been securely locked.

“What about Emily?” the little girl asked as Anya pulled her though the corridors.

Anya frozen, her blood running cold as she suddenly realised she’d not given Emily so much as a second thought. Her middle sister had not been with them in the lounge, she was sulking in her room still moody from whichever injustice had taken her fancy at the time. “I don’t know” she admitted, “She’s probably still in her room”

“Won’t she have heard the screaming? I screamed terrible loud, she must have heard”

“I’m sure she did” she lied, this was a big house and the hidden tunnel’s which laced the floors and walls made it difficult for sound to travel very far at all.  Reaching a doorway, she listened carefully resting her ear to the panel. It was quiet on the other side.  Sliding it open, she found herself in a portion of the house she recognised, the servants quarters. Desperately she wracked her brain’s trying to remember the way to Vincent room from here, it wasn’t far she knew it wasn’t … past the cells maybe?”

“Lady Dacre!” A voice exclaimed as she climbed out of the panel, leaping out of her skin Anya turned to find Eva rushing down the corridor towards her “I’ve been looking for you everywhere, what’s happening?”

“I’m not sure … whatever was at my father’s house is here”

“Does that mean they weren’t after your father at all?” the young woman asked.

“I’m not sure” Anya admitted, “But I need to get Brenna to safety… I was thinking of the Barons chambers?”

“Really Milady?!”

“Do you know where they are?” she asked ignoring the shocked look on the young woman’s face. The baron’s chambers had always been a closely guarded secret, she herself had been there but a handful of times.

“I don’t Milady, only Allard and Marcus knew”

Nodding she accepted the truth of it. “Come with us” she urged.

“I can’t Milady” Eva insisted, “I need to make sure everyone gets out”

“My priority needs to be my sisters?”

“Of course Milady, Vincent wouldn’t want it any other way. Please don’t fret… help will come”

“Help… help from who?”

“Vincent hasn’t left you unguarded Milady, he’ll know your in trouble and wild horses couldn’t keep him away”

“I hope your right” Anya nodded “Promise me you’ll take care of yourself?”

“I will Milady, You get your sister somewhere safe… I’ll help the others”

Nodding started back down the corridor she only prayed she remembered the way.

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