Orion is warned

Orion once again looked at the writing on the wall on the girls room, he was missing something. His initial thoughts had been that this had all the marks on the crazy Malkavian elder, the taunting games and the height markers left on the bannister.

However something didn’t fit, the attack on the steward had happened in broad daylight, while Orion knew it was possible for some powerful kindred to walk for brief moments in daylight it was incredibly unusual for attacks to occur during the day.

Kindred able to wake during the day where rare, their condition bought upon the an unnatural need to sleep the moment the sun rose. It was why most hunters chose to attack kindred havens during the day, the sleeping creatures where vulnerable helpless even. Only a scant few could resist the lure of sleep once it took them so how had the kindred child managed to pull off such a sophisticated attack during the day?

It made no sense. None of it did, she would have had to travel here in broad daylight, kill him and leave again….

Sometimes you just had to accept that the most logical explanation was not always the correct one.

So if the Malkavian was not to blame for his who… or what was? Was it possible that Orricks initial reaction had been the correct one, this was simply the work of a mortal assassin. No there where too many clues that pointed elsewhere. So what? Garou… no this was not the work of a warewolf.

Instinctively he pulled back the sheets on one of the girls beds. His eye’s instantly drawn to a faint mark upon the sheets.

“Your looking in the wrong place” a voice suddenly warned him. Spinning his hand fell to his blade as he came face to face to a woman he vaguely recognised.

“Arabella?” he asked unsure.

“The very same” the blond woman agreed. “So put away your weapons hunter”

“I thought the kindred had gone into hiding?”

“I don’t have time for chatter” she hissed, “Your woman is in danger”

“What?” he growled, “Anna?”

“Yes….. back at Vincent’s house… something is going on inside, I can smell the blood”

“You didn’t go inside?” he growled, losing his temper he launched himself at her forcing her up against the wall.

“Oh… I do love to play rough” she giggled. “But that isn’t going to help your girl”

“Tell me what is going on?” he demanded.

“I don’t know” she insisted, “I was watching the place, Vincent asked me to while he was gone… I went there to check up on Anya and I could smell the blood, before I even crossed the yard”

“Why didn’t you go inside?” he growled.

“Because I wasn’t the only one watching the place. The inquisition have been camped outside the place for a month, I’m no idiot… ”

“You think they have attacked the house?”

“I don’t think so” she reasoned “They don’t seem to have moved… Vincent told me if anything happened I should find you, so here I am”

One response to “Orion is warned

  1. Ooh shoot. Well, at least Orion is on the way!

    But if this isn’t the work of a Kindred … whose is it? Gabriel might be nuts, but he isn’t that kind of nuts.

    … Sophie, on the other hand … is nuts … and knows about Kindred … but why would she want to kill Orrick?

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