The Talon’s

This Story Line follow’s the life of Falcon starting with the introduction of Bellari into his life though the demon attacks that plagued grimstead upto her unforseen death. 

Falcon is one son of triplet boy’s who’s mother died bringing them into the world and where raised by thier father alone.. When we meet them are a simple but honest Peasant family who though hard work and determination have managed to become the owners of the local tavern. While Bellari is the Second Daughter of a the largest noble family in Grimstead.

Bellari was a strange sort of charecter she appeared in lots and lots of storylines thoughout, but very few are really about her so i’ve picked out one or two so that you can get a feel for who she was.  Should you want to read any of the later “Talon story’s” as i suspect there will be quite a few involving her children

Next Chapters

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