Dawn gets a friend.

“Dawn, I want you to meet someone” Danson called as he saw his wife skirting past his room. 

Hearing her soft footfall’s stop and then restart, she appeared back in the door way. “You called for me, my lord?” 

“Yes Dawn, I would like you to meet, Krista she’s a the granddaughter of Orrick Vaux. Do you know her” 

“I believe we have met as a party a few years ago” she nodded towards the girl. 

“Yes that’s right” Krista grinned, the girl was smartly dressed a new gown no doubt. Her mother had married into the gentry, an Officer in the army a commoner but a well-paid one by all accounts a man of means. 

“I’ve arranged for Krista to help you around the place” he explained, “You’ve been to long without a woman to assist and I know you are struggling” 

Dawn nodded, her green eye’s showing no sign as to her approval or disapproval. Dawn was such a hard young woman to read, she never complained nor did she often share her thoughts or feeling with him. He’d interviewed dozens of girls for the position, eager to get a girl who could perhaps serve as maid and friend both to the isolated young woman.

He’d chosen Krista specifically because although several months younger than Dawn she had grown up on the outskirts of nobility and he hoped that would give the girls enough in common to get along.  Likewise Krista’s father had seemed equally as agreeable to the situation, an opportunity to get his daughter into the better circles. 

“So what do you think?” he prompted, hoping to get a response he was more able to understand. 

“I appreciate the thought” Dawn agreed “Thank you” 

“She won’t be living here” he explained, “Her father won’t allow it, but she’ll spend most of the day here as a companion” 

Dawn nodded again, understanding he wasn’t going to get a better grasp about how she felt about it. He indicated that she was relieved of his presence and without a word, Dawn quickly disappeared. 

“I’m afraid she’s quite shy” he explained to Krista who now stood looking at him expectantly, “Mostly your just to provide her with companionship and if you could help dressing and preparing, you won’t be expected to do any menial tasks we have servants to do that” 

“Am I to act as her lady?” Krista dared, the question unusually brash. 

Danson paused, he’d honestly how really considered it that way. Now thinking on it however her father had hinted at the same question, he however being older and more cautious of the implications had dared not utter it so directly.  However it was of course a question that both wanted to know. A casual companion was one thing but the title of ‘Lady in waiting’ would significantly catapult Krista’s chances of marrying well. “Yes I suppose you are” he decided, back home most women had ladies, it was not such a common a feature in Grimstead, most notably due the low population however Ailana had served the queen for several years perhaps it was time nobleman followed suit in providing them for their wives also.  Krista he decided, was at least of high enough standing to be worthy of this consideration. 

Krista grinned back, clearly pleased with the arrangement. 

“You can’t tell Dawn, but im having her a house built” he revealed, “When it is finished, do you think your father would allow you to move there with her? I understand why he feels the barracks is no place for you, but a little house perhaps would be different?” 

The young girl shrugged, “I can ask” she promised, “Will you be moving there too?” 

“No” he reasoned, “I have too much work here, but I’ll visit frequently”

3 responses to “Dawn gets a friend.

  1. Question: Who are Krista’s parents?

  2. Cole and Daria Raha (Daria is Raeanne’s twin sister)

  3. Ack, poor Dawn. I hope Krista can help her come out of her shell some. And I hope Daria told Krista the symptoms of pregnancy, given how Dawn was when we saw her last!

    *fingers crossed for Krista and Dawn*

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