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Dawns Lady

Dawn watching in horror as her young helper twirled like a hurricane around her chambers. Dawn had always been a lover of peace and quiet, she had always enjoyed her own company and while her initial reaction to having a lady had not been one of abject horror nor had she truly been enthusiastic.

Watching as Krista tore another book from the shelf, she watched as the young woman carelessly flicked though the pages before dumping it unceremoniously on the table. “I’m bored!” Krista complained, “Is there nothing to do around here?”

“You could help me with this sewing” Dawn offered.  Continue reading

Dawn gets a friend.

“Dawn, I want you to meet someone” Danson called as he saw his wife skirting past his room. 

Hearing her soft footfall’s stop and then restart, she appeared back in the door way. “You called for me, my lord?” 

“Yes Dawn, I would like you to meet, Krista she’s a the granddaughter of Orrick Vaux. Do you know her”  Continue reading

Dawn Refuses

Dawn fidgeted with her gown, most of the time she found married life incredibly dull. There was nothing to do in the barracks, no-one to talk to, no-one to keep her company save for a brief period in the in morning and then again at night when the maid came to help dress her.

Today had been no different, but at least her husband was home giving her a few hours company in the evening. Most days he was either out on patrol or up at Silverhand Castle, especially now that Daniel had deemed if fitting to forgive Danson for marrying her.  Continue reading