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Dawn gets a friend.

“Dawn, I want you to meet someone” Danson called as he saw his wife skirting past his room. 

Hearing her soft footfall’s stop and then restart, she appeared back in the door way. “You called for me, my lord?” 

“Yes Dawn, I would like you to meet, Krista she’s a the granddaughter of Orrick Vaux. Do you know her”  Continue reading

Dawn Refuses

Dawn fidgeted with her gown, most of the time she found married life incredibly dull. There was nothing to do in the barracks, no-one to talk to, no-one to keep her company save for a brief period in the in morning and then again at night when the maid came to help dress her.

Today had been no different, but at least her husband was home giving her a few hours company in the evening. Most days he was either out on patrol or up at Silverhand Castle, especially now that Daniel had deemed if fitting to forgive Danson for marrying her.  Continue reading

Dawn Knows

“Dawn darling, are you aright?” Danson asked concerned that if young woman paced up and down the room one more time, she would cut a deep groove in the floor boards.

They had been married several months but he still didn’t really know her, she was a quiet and withdrawn young woman, appealing and eager to please but she she kept a wall around her impenetrable and unyielding which no-one not even her young brother could penetrate.  Continue reading

Danson’s Opinion

Orrick entered Sir Shieldsmith’s chambers to find the young Knight sitting comfortably with his even younger wife nestled in his arms.

For a moment they seemed so comfortable he wondered if there had been a torrid romance after all. Damn and blast it, he hoped not. He rather preferred the rumour where the Kings Mother plotted against Gabriel. Continue reading

Ailana hear’s more than she wants.

Ailana sat frozen with fear in the hall of the barrack’s. She’d been mortified to find that Joseph had returned here after the Christmas break, but wracked with desperation she forced herself to come.

She was no-more certain that she wanted to marry him now than she’d been a couple of days earlier when she’d called it off. She’d been stupid and foolish and naive she’d risked everything in the hope that Danson shared her feelings. She should have known better… Danson had made his feelings clear at the winterball yet her ego and Dawn’s insistence that he shared her feelings had made her take the biggest risk of her life. Continue reading

Daniel Compensates Gabriel

“Do we really have to do this?” Danson sighed having listened to Daniel rant at him for the last half hour. “We both know your disapproval is barely skin deep and Gabriel is not here to witness it”

“How dare you” Daniel growled, “Do not presume to know me”

Danson remained quiet, Daniel was struggling enough. Continue reading

Danson feel’s the pressure

Danson sighed as the door clicked behind him. It was been a simple ceremony and poor Lady Dawn who hadn’t expected any of it had been whisked into the small chapel without even enough warning to change her clothes.

“I don’t suppose that was the ceremony you had envisioned” he smiled at her.

She didn’t answer but only turned to face him and managed a weak smile. She was clearly very overwhelmed.   Continue reading