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Tristen takes a turn

Tristen lay on the bed, Alice had no clue what had happened to him, he had been fine when they had left home but halfway to her mothers he’d gotten really sick.  Placing the cup of water down next to bed she couldn’t help but feel disappointed, she had so wanted to introduce him to everyone.

“How are you feeling?” she asked, softly noticing him opening his eye’s.

“I feel awful” he admitted.

Placing her hand on his head, there was no sign of a temperature. “You feel aright” she smiled, “Perhaps its just a bug, hopefully you’ll feel better tomorrow”

“I’m not so sure” Tristen replied, “I think I might miss the wedding”  Continue reading

Tristen is warned

“What are you so happy about?” Tristen snapped towards Duncan as the two young men sat in the front of the wagon as it rolled down the foothill’s and out of the mountains. Duncan grinned back he didn’t feel like ruining the surprise just yet. Tristen truly was a dumb shit all his plotting and scheming and yet he had failed magnificently to spot a massive flaw in his plan and Duncan was going to enjoy watching as his rival’s plan’s landed in a heap at his feet.  “I would have thought you more subdued” the young man continued to press “I mean… if you get caught in Grimstead isn’t the King is likely to separate your head from your shoulders?”

“You really think Daniel is still looking for me?” Duncan chuckled, “He assumes me well gone, he certainly isn’t going to be looking for me at the wedding of a farmer in the furthest reaches”  Continue reading

Duncan is told what Tristen wants.

Duncan sent a rock skittering across the clearing bouncing off a tree and into the bushes with a rustle. He still hadnt managed to tell Alice about Tristen, at first he had not felt it was the right time with Lars missing and Ailths mother seizing control of the sept.

Honestly it had seemed such a petty thing and she had enough to deal with, but now as the days rolled on. Duncan had begun to doubt if keeping his mouth shut had been the right thing to do.
Continue reading

Lars on the spiral

Alice squeezed Tristen’s hand tightly as they breached the circle of the camp fire, all eye’s watching her she knew she’d been summoned because something was wrong. She had heard Duncan arriving on the wagon shouting and causing a fuss. She had tried to go out to him but Heather had stopped her saying she would find out what was wrong.

“What’s going on?” she dared asked, looking around the circle everyone was here.. well almost everyone, only Kaitlyn and her father where missing. Spotting Duncan in the crowd a sudden panic over whelmed her. Duncan had left with her father … if he was back and her father was not? What did that mean?

“Lar’s is missing” Bronwyn informed her. Her swollen belly now heavily pregnant with a child that was almost due any day now.  Continue reading

Duncan ignores his gut

“We can’t leave her!” his mother insisted fighting against him even as he tried to hurry her into the wagon.

“What happened Lad?” Lar’s asked peering from him to the young woman they seemed to have bought with them.

“I don’t know” Duncan explained, hurriedly. “He’s got her locked up, she’s battered but she wouldn’t come”

“And the guards?” he asked indicating to the doors where guards had already begun to spill into the courtyard. While offering his hand to the young girl and helping her up onto the seat beside him. Continue reading

Something Bad

Duncan twisted trying to get free but the two large men held him solidly in iron strong grips that showed no signs of release. “Open the door!” he demanded, glowering venomously towards his uncle “I want to see her”  He didn’t know why she was locked in, he didn’t know why his uncle had lied the only thing he knew for certain was that his sister needed him.

It was an odd thing to had a twin, they had scarcely grown up together at all but right now at this time of crisis he couldn’t have felt closer to her. Continue reading

Helena Ask’s Some Prying Questions

Helena inspected the wounds, she knew that a doctor had seen her that it wasn’t her job to care. However she could not help to feel protective over the young girl who was scarely older than one of her own. The young girl was not hurt badly on the surface but the fire in her eye’s she’d had when she’d arrived at the castle a couple of months ago was gone. She seemed beaten defeated scarcly even making eye contact.

She felt an overwhelming sense of guilt and pity, Gabriel had never beaten her during her time with him, but the young girl was another matter mostly he’d simply ignored her and for a while she’d thought it was for the best, but now watching as the bruises glowed she knew if this girls life was going to improve she was going to have to force Gabriel to see her worth. Continue reading