Thomas Gets A Shock

 “It’s time” Thomas noted nudging the sleeping Abel.

He stirred he hadn’t been asleep long, and sure enough the sun was up the house seemed to have come to life.

“I waited” Thomas explained “Till I was sure.. but i’ve just seen Edric’s young nanny go inside, they must be awake by now”

Abel nodded with a disgruntled sigh, Thomas knew his young friend wasn’t happy with the situation and could understand why, but this was just something he needed to do. Climbing from the carriage he made his way towards the front door, Abel at his side his hand figeting nervously he had so much to say to her so many things to explain, how ever was he to begin.

Pulling himself together he knocked will confidence on the door, he was the king he reminded himself he needed to act like it or Valdermar would undoubtedly railroad the situation.

A few moments passed and a young man opened the door, a brief explanation of why he was here and he was soon guided into the dining room, where Valdermar, Holly and a very loud little boy was being fed by the nanny he’d seen earlier.

“Thomas what a surprise” Valdermar beamed, looking very pleased with himself.

Thomas shot a look at Holly who sat beside him, she looked mortified fiddling uncontrollably with her hands the way Thomas had seen her do a thousand times when she was nervous, before she finally and with force tucked them down beneath the table and finally dared look at him.

Abel had been right, she looked well. She’d gained weight and though still slim she was far more like her old self, her hair neatly tied up she her dress neatly pressed, she looked well. God did she look well.

“I need to speak will Holly” Thomas replied.

 “Go ahead” Valdermar motioned, “Have breakfast with us why don’t you”

“Beck-Fast!” the little boy squealed.

“See even Edric wants you to join us” Valdermar laughed “Hannah dear can you tell cook we have two more joining us for breakfast”

The young girl nodded, putting down Edric’s bowl on the table of his high chair before heading out the the kitchen’s.

“Beck-fast” the little boy squealed in delight finding he had full control of his bowl and proceeding to shovel it into his mouth with his finger’s.

“Oh Edric you silly boy” Holly cooed.

Thomas’s stomach lurched as he took a seat, Holly looked good with a child, the way her face lit up when she looked at him, he suddenly felt guilty for what he was about to ask. “I need to speak with Holly alone”

Holly turned and looked at him, her face stern. “there is nothing you can’t say, in front of Valdermar” she replied flatly.

“Holly I … I want you to come home” he asked. “I was a fool, I love you.. i’ll do anything”

Holly slumped, her eye’s welling up “Oh Thomas..” she sighed.

But before she could say any more Valdermar began to laugh. Thomas glared at him annoyed but it didn’t stop him. “Show him” Valdermar instructed reaching out to her under the table.

It was when she finally lifted her hands, back to where Thomas could see Thomas realised the horror. She’d not just been nervously fidgeting with her hands, she’d been hiding the wedding ring that now sat plainly on her finger.

“You can congratulate us if you want” Valdermar chuckled smugly, “we where married last night”

Thomas’s heart sank his stomach lurched, he want to scream, hit him, kill him… emotion’s from every angle hitting him at once like a tidal wave. “Holly why?” was all he could manage to mumble.

“Thomas.. it was…well.. “ Holly replied unable to find any sort of words to explain. “He’s been good to me” she finally managed.

“But Holly you can’t possibly expect him…?”

“To what?” she replied indignantly “Love me?”

“No… to accept.. your condition..”

“Why?” she snapped, seeming suddenly angered “because you couldn’t?”

“No but… he’s not got a good track record when it comes to fidelity.. and… ”

“And you have?” she cut him off “At least he doesn’t treat me like a china doll, to precious to be touched”

“I never thought that“ Thomas argued.

“Didn’t you? You treated me like a child, no worse.. I was some precious thing to be locked away so protected no-one, not even you knew I was alive”

“I did know… I’m sorry … come with me.. please”

“Im married” she replied firmly “ I can’t just run off with you because you finally decided you want me”

“We can get that annulled, 24 hours hardly counts as a marriage”

“On what grounds?!” Valdermar interrupted, seeming amused more than angered. Thomas paused knowing full well that as king he could get it annulled simple because he said it was to be so. “what about lack of consummation?” Valdermar suggested.

“Yes perhaps” Thomas agreed, his face red, trying to ignore the urge to wipe the smug look off Valdermar’s face.

“Oh wait” Valdermar announced “Can’t do that one….I must say Thomas, she didn’t fall asleep on me last night” he laughed.

Thomas lunged forward, his fist flying towards Valdermar’s face hitting him squarely in the jaw, Valdermar fell backwards but still continued to laugh.

Edric burst into tears, seeing his father punched “Da Da” he wailed, no longer interested in his breakfast.

“Thomas!” Holly screamed, looking at the little boy “Stop it” she demanded, but Thomas was too infuriated, ready to leap over the table to get to him and ring his smug little neck and would have done if Abel hadn’t suddenly grabbed him and held him back.

Thomas realised now that Valdermar had set it up on purpose just to rub salt into the wounds “Holly how could you?” he begged. Holly didn’t reply, she simply hung her head tears freely running down her face. “Holly don’t you realise it could kill you?”

“It was her choice” Valdermar sneered “Infact she was quite insistent on it.. so if you don’t mind I think it’s time you left”

“Come Thomas” Abel urged “There’s nothing we can do here”

2 responses to “Thomas Gets A Shock

  1. NOOOOO!!!!

    Damn you, Valdemar! Where’s that evil death calc when you need it?!?

  2. So it’s been a while, I stopped reading this, forgot about it actually, then just recently found it again and am getting caught up, there is certainly a lot going on, good and bad. And anyway I just wanted to say I’m actually pretty happy with Valdemar right now. Thomas deserves it quite frankly, he was a jerk to her, and now she’s actually starting to get better, not treated like some leper.

    I mean, don’t get me wrong, he was absolutely horrible in the past, and Thomas was the most respectful one, and he still holds that somewhat, but I’ve kind of given up on him and Holly at this point. He’s already set himself up to get married again anyway, so I’m not sure what he was expecting, her to just pine away making herself more sick? Really she seems to be better off now, and while yes Valdemar was rubbing it in Thomas’s face maybe too much, I don’t really feel sorry for him at this point.

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