For What?

 Abel sat heavily leaning against the side of the coach, it had been a long day with wedding breakfasts and the like and it was proving to be an even longer night.  

The journey to Brightden had taken most of the night and now the duo sat waiting in the coach for day to break and a reasonable hour to go calling on Holly.

Thomas had been unsettled and fidgety the whole journey, the ale’s effects having long since worn off, Abel was just tired and wishing he was in bed.

“You don’t approve” Thomas asked suddenly after many minutes of silence.

“Im too tired to approve or disapprove” Abel replied, unwilling to reveal how nervous and unsettled this whole situation actually made him.

“I’ve put you in a terrible predicament haven’t I?” Thomas asked, “Your nervous what this might mean for Ailana?”

“It’s not my place to question the wishes of my king” Abel replied, the truth was he was nervous for Ailana, but more than that he was worried for Thomas what would happen if Holly rejected him.

What would happen if Valdermar stepped out of line and even more about who would need defending and why, and where he’d end up in the situation. He’d defend his king no matter what, that was his duty but for an unsettling moment he considered how he would feel if Thomas did something rash and foolish something he didn’t agree with perhaps.

“I know you can’t understand” Thomas continued in the manner of a man who needed to get things off his chest regardless of if Abel was listening of not. “I’ve always loved her.. i’ve been stupid and foolish. Most of all i’ve been selfish.  I understand the implications of this.. but I still need to do it”

“Do you?” Abel asked.

“Yes I believe I do, I know the kingdom needs a strong bloodline, I know my father would have wanted me to provide that… Ailana would provide that.. but Holly… she’s my everything, can’t you understand?” Abel shrugged, unable to condone putting ones happiness before the security of the kingdom.  At the same time understanding the torture of not being true to your own heart “Of course you don’t understand” Thomas answered for him “You’ve never been in love… have you?” he asked suddenly aware that he was making a gross assumption.

“I guess not” Abel sighed, unwilling to enter in to what could become a complicated conversation about his own feelings.

“One day you’ll know” Thomas replied “Sometimes there are just some things you have to do.. no matter what the implications, I’ll make sure Ailana is taken care of but … I need Holly”

Abel sighed heavily, Thomas was going down and this rate he was going to take the whole god damn Kingdom with him… for what? Some merchant trash who had no more right to be queen than he had the right to tell Thomas what he was about to do was a huge mistake.

2 responses to “For What?

  1. I just did some math.

    Henry and Annabella had six kids, all of whom made it to adulthood (though some of them, alas, did not last as far into adulthood as they would have liked). Of these kids, THREE of them — Alistair, Jaedyn and Daniel — married Hamduns. Of the remaining kids, none of them married a Grimstead noble.

    Moreover, a strong bloodline for the throne already exists. It even has an heir and a spare, and their names are Duncan and Alistair Jr. May I also point out that there is a spare to the spares — his name is Daniel — and he is also married to a Hamdun. (Though I hesitate to apply the name of Hamdun to the awesomeness that is Sophie. What is it with this family? The girls are all kickass and the guys … I just want to kick their ass. ;) )

    Ahem. Anyway. Unless the demons attack Grimstead again or a terrible fire rips through the knights’ training facilities, there are plenty of heirs for Grimstead. Most of them are half-Hamdun.

    … So … why is it so important to Abel that Thomas’s kids be half-Hamdun, too? ;)

    (PS: I love the set you built for the coach — brilliant!!)

  2. haha and there i was thinking no-one had noticed the power base the hamdun’s where building for themselves.

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