Henry’s Harassed.

King Henry was having a bad day, no he was having a bad week, and word had got back to him the night before of the happenings across the estate at the barracks and of Tariks possible involvement and his sudden departure.

Thomas had delayed telling Henry about Holly until the extent of her injures had been discovered, Hollys condition had sudden and unthinkable implications but that was an issue that Henry could worry about tomorrow.

Right now Thomas was mobilizing the army ready to chase the traitor into the mountains, Henry was sure Tarik would head for the safety of Darkfire Castle and if that was the case things it might not be so easy to get him out again as the surrounding terrain was not favourable for mass battle.

To make things worse, if that was at all possible Princess Kaitlyn had gone missing some time during the night, both a stable boy and the night watchmen reported seeing her leave the castle on horse back. Henry had send men scouring the countryside for her but as yet there had been no sign.

Henry had been in and out of meetings all morning when a carriage pulled into the courtyard, Henry watched as his daughter Jaedyn was helped out by the groom. A few minutes later there was a knock at the study door. “Come in” Henry called.

The door opened and Jaedyn stood in the doorway, she didn’t wait for a response running to her father she flung herself into his arms tears rolling down her face.

Henry stood stunned for a moment, returning the embrace “What’s the matter?” he asked.

“I’m sorry” she sobbed uncontrollably “I tried and I failed”.

“Failed doing what?” He replied, looking towards the window he noticed one of the runners he’s sent looking for Kaitlyn ride into the courtyard, it wasn’t that he didn’t care for his daughters well being but this was neither the time nor the place for another of Jaedyn’s emotional outbursts the fate of the entire kingdom needed dealing with.

“Gabriel” she sobbed “I was a terrible wife, he doesn’t want me anymore”.

Henry sighed “what do you mean dear? Did he send you away?”

“No, I left” she replied.

Henry pulled her away looking at her sternly “you can’t just choose to leave your husband, has he mistreated you?”

“No” she sobbed “but he doesn’t love me, he loves someone else”.

Henry looked exasperated aware the runner was now standing patiently in the doorway waiting for him to finish with his daughter “I don’t understand, what do you mean?”

“I didn’t give him an heir” she sobbed “where going to have the marriage annulled, he’s taken a mistress”.

Henry’s face clearly showed his frustration calling for his steward he turned back to Jaedyn “I’m sorry I can’t discuss this with you right now, I have other things going on”

“Can I stay” she sobbed.

“No” Henry replied, turning to the steward “Take Jaedyn back to her husband” he ordered.

The steward nodded taking Jaedyn by the arm “Father pleases…. Don’t make me go back” she sobbed “he has his mistress at the house”

Henry thought for a moment turning to the steward “Tell Gabriel that if his mistress isn’t gone by the end of the day I’ll take his estate. I don’t expect to hear of him seeing her again… If he’s determined to seek an annulment, I’ll discuss the matter when my god damn kingdom isn’t falling apart. Until then he’s expected to treat my daughter with the respect she deserves”

The steward nodded understanding the orders he led Jaedyn out of the room, meanwhile Henry took a deep breath and nodded towards the runner.

The runner bowed “We’ve found Princess Kaitlyn your highness, she’s up at her old house, she doesn’t appear hurt shall we bring her home?”

3 responses to “Henry’s Harassed.

  1. I completely forgot Jaedyn was the kings daughter. It never really occured to me that going home meant going back to the castle. Oh well that explans a lot. She was probably spoiled with everything but attention. Not that Henry was neglectful just busy.

  2. ooh I forgot she was the Kings daughter too.
    Go Henry. I love that command.
    For Gabriel to mistreat a Kings daughter of all things. I mean good lord! She’s royalty for heaves sake!
    And he’d rather be with some poor peasant that is barely out of diapers herself.
    This age was indeed twisted.

  3. Lol thats funny people think hes sticking up for his daughter when all hes doing is just getting rid of her just like Gabriel!! Theres no way the king would take Gabriels estates of him not only because Gabriel is a decent Lord but because he’de have to take the crying wench back….He’de prefare to loose his kingdom i know i would.

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