A Wolf Visit

Christopher stirred, his arm’s around the brunette who lay beside him, the flap’s of his tent flapping gently in the wind, the only real sounds where the distant movements of the night watch as they kept an eye over the camp.

Having left Grimstead, he’d joined up with a small unit of mercenary’s he wasn’t much of a fighter, he could hold his own against most men but that wasn’t why they kept him close. His knack for spotting weaknesses in the enemy lines and gaps in enemy fortifications had made him useful and had made his unit the most feared and respected band of men outside of the army, not to mention profitable.

Pulling himself up onto his elbow him ran his hand down the naked skin of his ‘date’ she wasn’t anyone special just a whore he’d picked up in the last town, but she’d been good at what she did and well worth the coin spent. Usually they left when they where finished but for some reason she’d stayed he wasn’t quite sure why but was glad she had, he’d forgotten how nice it was to wake up with someone beside you.

Just as he debated waking her for further enjoyment a wolf howled out in the night, causing him to break that train of thought. Instead pulling on his pants he climb out of his tent. Heading outside he wandered up to one of the night watch “Was that a wolf?” he asked.

“Aye it was.. darned thing too.. pure white came right up ter the camp not a jot of fear in it”

“Did you frighten it away?” he asked.

“Not sure frighten is the best word” the guard replied, “chased it though.. darn thing circled back headed right fer yer tent it did, fer a moment I thought ye were gonna get a visitor”

Christopher nodded, heading back to the tent he grabbed his bow before returning to the guards side “Better hunt it down, before it spooks the horses” he decided “Must have been pretty hungry to come so close to the fire”

“Hungry?” the guard chuckled, “Middle of spring like it is.. Plenty of food out there for one such as that”

“Maybe so” Christopher agreed, “but it must have had some reason for coming so close to camp, and I’d rather not risk the horses, Gadrick will kill me if we lose another”

One response to “A Wolf Visit

  1. Well, it looks like Chris might coming home sooner than he anticipated … guess Maegan won’t be getting that annullment after all. But it should help Duncan get the throne!

    Figures that he would be in a band of mercenaries, though — and since I imagine they move around a lot, it would explain why Orrick’s men haven’t found him. :)

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