Baby Talk

Persia sat in the day room surrounded by her peer’s, she hated such gatherings she always felt terribly out of place, none of the other noblewomen where expected to wait on others and she felt more kinship with the butlers and maids of the castle than she did with the other noblewomen of Grimstead.

The men folk where all busy in another room, no doubt in heated debate over who was to take the crown and while it would have been perfectly acceptable for the women to be left at home, Abel had insisted that she invited them.

He’s said that if she was to be accepted as the wife of a nobleman she had to start making acquaintances amongst the noble class’s.  All bar Holly where in attendance, and her absence didn’t surprise her, after Thomas’s Death none expected to see her out and about for quite some time.

Persia sat uncomfortably opposite Abel’s sister, Sophie as a rule un-nerved her terribly, she wasn’t at all sure that she was … well all there, she was always saying the oddest things, but Abel was eager for the pair to be friends,  he’d said that if Daniel took the crown then it would be Persia job to serve her and it would be better if the two could get along, but she wasn’t convinced.

“So Persia, how is married life treating you?” Jaedyn smiled politely, in a way that told her Jaedyn’s interest was more than polite. “Shall we be expecting new’s soon?”  Infact while it was fairly normal for woman to ask about such things in the hope that someone had new’s of baby’s, but since she’d been married, she’d been asked that question so frequently by all the members of the Hamdun family she was starting to suspect there was something more to the question than simple interest.    

“Very well thank you” she responded, “But I think it’s alittle early for news”

Jaedyn chuckled “And what about you Maegan?” she asked turning to face the young wife of Christopher Vaux “You’ve been married for practically a year now? No new’s yet?”

Persia watched as the young girl turned deep crimson “Not yet” Maegan replied softly.

“Never mind” Jaedyn smiled “It will happen when it’s ready, look at Finian.. he certainly took his time but he came along eventually”

“Yes im sure” Maegan nodded “So how is Finian?”

Persia listened as Jaedyn began regaling the group with tail’s of the son she clearly doted on, but Persia found her interest drawn to the look upon Sophie’s face while she listen’s to her sister in law. “Oh shut up” Sophie suddenly snapped “That child is no-more fit to wear the Hamdun name than his mother”

“Sophie!” Brianna gasped in shock “what a terrible thing to say”

“it’s a terrible thing she did” Sophie replied matter of factly.

“Im sure I don’t know what you mean!” Jaedyn replied.

“I’m sure you do” Sophie scowled.. “shall I tell them? Maegan would be especially interested im sure!”

Without another word Jaedyn stood and burst from the room in a flood of tears, leaving the rest of the room strangely stunned least of all Maegan who didn’t seem quite sure what had just happened.

“Sophie that was a terrible thing to say” Brianna scolded. “Nor do I have a clue what you meant by it, you know how sensitive Jaedyn can be and here you are dragging up all her dirty laundry in company of all things”

“and it is very very dirty” Sophie chirped.

“Shush now” Brianna replied “Anyway … back to happier matters.. so Persia how is Abel fairing as a husband?”

“Very well thank you” Persia replied nervously, in truth she’d barely seen him since Thomas’s death, he’s stopped visiting her chambers at night though he’d promised to return when things had settled, but at least for now she barely felt married at all.

“Oh I have some new’s!” Brianna suddenly exclaimed “It’s not good new’s though im afraid, you know Jasmine was expecting again?” Persia nodded. “Well it seems she lost the baby, I guess some are just not ment to be”

“Oh dear, that’s a shame” Persia replied, “That must be terrible a thing to have happen”

Brianna nodded “We all lose a few, you get used to it.. but when one is that far along it’s still a shock.. I hear she still had to go the birthing the poor dear”

“That’s awful”

“More awful than you know” Brianna agreed, “Wait till you’ve done a few.. “ she giggled, “ then you’ll wonder why we even let the men near us in the first place.. oh dear we should really change the subject.. Maegan looks quite ill”

“I’m fine” Maegan replied sheepishly “I’m just thinking about poor Jasmine, she must be terribly upset”

One response to “Baby Talk

  1. *low whistle* Sophie, honey, that was mean. I mean, yeowch! The claws come out with a vengeance. What did Jaedyn ever do to you?

    And poor Jasmine indeed. :( Well, I guess she can’t be happy all the time, and if the worst she has to deal with is a pregnancy that doesn’t come to term … not to diminish her pain, but with the vampires and the werewolves and the succession crisis in Grimstead, I think she’s getting off rather lucky all things considered.

    I send kudos out to Christopher, though. At least somebody else thinks that twelve years old is too young to be getting knocked up, and he removed himself from the position of having to knock her up. ;)

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