Jaedyn Say’s Goodbye.

Jaedyn rocked back and forth with the little boy in her arms, tears rolling down her cheeks knowing it was only a matter of time before someone told Gabriel the truth. She wasn’t sure who but Ailana had heard, as had Persia who could easily tell Abel. One of them was bound to get back to Gabriel and then what would happen??! 

Suddenly the door opened “Hand him to me” the voice demanded. 

Looking up Jaedyn found herself both scared and relived to find Christopher in the doorway. “Oh Christopher!” she exclaimed. 

“Maegan told me” Christopher replied sternly, holding out his arms “Hand him too me” 

“What are we to do?” 

Christopher sighed “I have no idea what your going to do” he replied “All I know is that i’m taking Finian” 

“Taking him?! Taking him where?” she replied panicked holding the child closer “You can’t” 

“Yes I can, he’s my son and i’m claiming him. Now hand him over” 

“Chris think reasonably… what would you do with him, do you really expect Maegan to raise him?” 

“I don’t expect any such thing” Christopher replied “But we both know what will happen if I leave him here with you” 

“Then take me with you” she sobbed “Take me.. back to your estate we can raise him together” 

“Don’t be absurd” he snapped. “If you want him to live give him here, I’m only doing this because I can’t in good conscious leave a child to be killed for my actions, he never asked to be born”

“Please Chris take me with you” she begged “Just give me a small house i’ll stay out of the way I promise” 

Christopher sighed “We both know Gabriel will never rest as long as you are alive, I’m sorry Jaedyn I don’t mean to seem heartless. I can save the boy but nothing can save you” 

“I didn’t mean for this to happen” she sobbed “Everything was such a mess, I thought it was the only way to be happy” 

“I know” Christopher nodded, “Now hand him to me” 

Jaedyn nodded, passing over the little boy who cooed happily oblivious to his mothers distress. “Promise me you’ll take care of him” she urged. 

“I promise he’ll have all he needs” Christopher agreed. 

“It’s absurd really” she sniffed “He’s going to kill me, just when I’m really carrying his child” 

Christopher nodded unsure what to say. “I need to go” he insisted. 

“Make sure he knows I loved him” Jaedyn begged.

“I will” he promised again, dashing from the room he darted though the corridor’s being cautious not to be seen. Arriving in the courtyard where his father stood waiting. 

“It’s a fine mess you’ve made” Orrick growled. 

“I know” Christopher replied, practically throwing Finian into his arms “Get to know your grandson” he smiled nervously. 

Orrick looked unamused at the child in his arms, shaking his head he climbed in the coach sitting beside Christopher and Maegan “And what do you intend to do with him” he asked. 

“Keep him alive”

3 responses to “Jaedyn Say’s Goodbye.

  1. I have a feeling Chris is going to get a stern fatherly talking to as soon as they get home. Or maybe not. Maybe Orrick will just look at Finian and think, “You know what? This little munchkin will teach Chris all about my frustration better than I ever could. Just wait until he gets old enough to start noticing girls.”

    Still, I do admire Chris for getting Finian out of there, even if there’s no hope (is there no hope? I wonder) for Jaedyn. … Actually, if Jaedyn was ghouled, she might still have some hope, at least, it would take a lot for Gabriel to kill her, no?

    Poor Jaedyn, though. Even if she did screw up, she deserves better than this. I keep thinking of what she’s gone through, and … *shudders* This is the second baby she’s had to give up because of that stupid family she was forced to marry into. Somebody needs to give all the Hamduns … er, half the Hamduns (not Kaitlyn, Abel or Ailana, nor the unfortunate saps that married into/had the misfortune to be born into this family) a good smack upside the head!

  2. Sadly Jaedyn was never ghouled, given a tiny taste of blood to make her “agreeable” but not enough to ghoul her.

  3. Oh dear. Then Jaedyn’s in big, big trouble.

    … And how is she going to explain it if somehow or other, Gabriel doesn’t hear what happened and wants to know where Finian crawled off to? Eeek, this can end well for no one!

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