Let Battle Begin

“Let’s face fact’s gentlemen, Kaitlyn has been in power for less than a month and in that time has driven this kingdom headlong into war”

“That’s unfair” Kaitlyn protested, “Tarik kidnapped my husbands daughter. What did you expect me to do leave her there?”

“But you didn’t do anything did you?” Daniel accused, “No diplomatic avenues where sought, where they? in-fact if truth be told Lar’s took it upon himself to charge up into the mountains without any sort of military backup”

“It was his daughter” Kaitlyn argued “Name me a single man alive who wouldn’t do the same”

“This isn’t about him” Daniel smirked “This is about you. If you can’t even control your husband then what else are you incapable of controlling? This is precisely why a woman shouldn’t be allowed to rule. It simply points out that if we pass control of the throne to you, what we are actually doing is giving control to a woodsman”

Hushed nod’s of agreement circulated around the table, even Orrick looked concerned and as panic rose, Kaitlyn desperately tried to come up with a reply to counter his argument.

“But you wouldn’t” Duncan interrupted “You’d be giving control of the throne to me, not my mother”

“Bah the boy speaks” Daniel laughed “The same boy who ran off after his step father, on his foolish and foolhardy mission, to save a girl. Without thought or consequence to how this would effect the rest of the kingdom”

“Perhaps this is exactly what the kingdom needed” Duncan retorted, “Tarik has no real power, a handful of men in a castle yet Grimstead bows to his every whim? Meanwhile he’s killing our priests, spiting in our religion and kidnapping our peasant folk? Tell me Daniel why exactly are we so accommodating to a man who has disrespected our kingdom so many times?”

“I have no intention of allowing Tarik to continue to trample of us” Daniel replied confidently “However the reason’s as to why my brother and father before him allowed it, elude me as you well know their journal’s have been stolen… unless of course you know where they are Duncan?”

“That sounds decidedly like an accusation” Duncan replied. “I fear I have no idea where the journals went or who has them. However while we are on the subject of accusation’s did you ever find out who killed my uncle? The investigation seems to have run to an end very quickly, though I dare say you had rather a lot to gain from Thomas’s death”

“No more than you” Daniel replied.

“Quite a lot more than me” Duncan retorted “I was getting the throne eventually either way, whilst you where not. The only reason you dare to think you have any claim now is because your arguing im too young to hold it. If you’d have waited many more years, your argument wouldn’t have had held much weight”

“True enough, but the truth is you are young Duncan, this last escapade simply reinforces my argument, tell me why did you run off up into the mountains with the woodsman, with no thought of diplomacy?”

Duncan’s mind went blank, unable to remember why exactly he’d followed Lar’s he simply mumbled “I guess… Lar’s thought it was a good idea“

“Ohhh! Well that makes it alright then” Daniel replied, his tone dripping with sarcasm “You have a council of Advisor’s” he said motioning to the room, “Orrick has been Thomas’s and your grandfathers chief advisor for over 40 years, Sir Bendett was your teacher, you grandfathers first knight and confident, not to mention me – your uncle and yet out of all these people, you decided to follow the advice of a woodsman?”

“It wasn’t like that” Duncan protested “There simply wasn’t time?”

“Wasn’t time to prevent war?”

“It’s complicated”

“No it wasn’t” Daniel laughed “Anyway I rest my case, I have nothing further to say on the matter, my lords vote where you will, who would you rather hold the crown.. me or the woodsmen?”

4 responses to “Let Battle Begin

  1. OK I vote for Duncan.

  2. I vote for Duncan too. And I vote that Kaitlyn drag Lars’s woodsman-y behind in there to explain himself!

    Honestly, Daniel’s just making me grit my teeth here. He finds fault with Kaitlyn for not “controlling” her husband when the whole fabric of their society is based on the husband controlling her. And then he accuses Duncan of being reckless and following Lars and starting a war, when Duncan’s whole objective throughout this was to prevent a war!

    Kid needs to get his memory back — then he’ll show them.

    *blows on Team Duncan vuvuzela* What? The Word Cup’s over, ought to use the plastic for something before it ends up rotting in a landfill for the rest of eternity. ;)

    • I think thats the point daniel was trying to make though, society is hinged on men being the ones in control, so he was “highlighting” that by giving control to kaitlyn what they where actually doing was passing that control to her husband.

  3. I don’t think Daniel was being very fair when he said “Anyway I rest my case, I have nothing further to say on the matter, my lords vote where you will, who would you rather hold the crown.. me or the woodsmen?” I’m pro-Duncan all the way! Daniel just seems to be very greedy and grasping at straws. He’s blaming Kaitlyn for starting a war when Tarik was the one who really started it by kidnapping Alice.
    Also, this whole war thing is pretty silly. It’s based on ignorance. If the werewolves, vampires and mages would take the time to understand each other they wouldn’t have these problems. Because of their ignorance they’re pulling the innocent people of Grimstead into their troubles. But I guess that’s how most wars go, isn’t it?
    They wouldn’t be having this counsel. Alistair would probably still be alive, and even if he wasn’t and Thomas still acted as regent for him, once Thomas died Duncan would still get the throne.
    And if I can be honest, I’m still anti-Lars. I’ve been trying to like him, but I just don’t. He doesn’t strike me as very smart. I guess he is a true werewolf. Seems like more wolf than human. Pretty much everything he’s done is based on his first reaction to any situation that he is in. He doesn’t stop to think of the consequences. I don’t know too much about wolves, I know animals in general just act, they don’t think. I think that his brash actions (example, storming Tarik’s castle, even if he was provoked) will be his downfall.

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