The New Uni Crew

The royal twin’s Abagael and Jaedyn , and Peter Hamdun where the next to be sent to study at university.



Peter was like his father in almost every way, he had his fathers look and his fathers personality, he was hard working and conscientious and like his father he tended to forget people where creatures with feelings.


He headed to university determined to do well and prove to his father he was just as good as Gabriel.  Peter had things easier in the marriage department too, his father had made no stipulations on who he would be expected to marry, being the second child of a lord had its benefits he would be allowed within reason to choose his own bride. Something his father hoped he would do from the fine noble women at the university.



The twins had learnt from and early age that no-one could tell them apart, a fact they’d played on from childhood, however in truth they could be not more different.

Jaedyn was the quieter of the two, fairly shy and withdrawn she was almost wholly dependent on her sister to get her though any social encounter, She’d been told before she left that she’d been betrothed to Gabriel Hamdun a prospect that both terrified and excited her. She’d heard good things about Gabriel from Alistair and having an arranged marriage took the worry out of finding herself a suitable husband. But still the thought left her nervous what if they didn’t get along?.


Abagael was completely the opposite, loud and boisterous always getting poor Jeadyn into trouble, her father had not yet made an arrangement for her marriage however she’d heard a rumour she may be paired up with Valdemar Beaumont, something she intended to avoid at all costs. Valdemar was 4 years younger than the princess so she would have to wait for him to return from university if they where to wed. Besides marrying a man younger than herself simply wasn’t acceptable as far as the young princess was concerned. However no firm plans had been made due to the kings reservations about the age difference, and Abagael knew if she found herself a suitable noble at university there was every chance her father would agree the betrothal of her younger sister Lucy to Valdemar instead.  

2 responses to “The New Uni Crew

  1. Sounds like Peter’s going to do very well at university and have a harder time at finding a wife, unless he figures out ladies have feelings. ;-)

    I admire Jaedyn for being optimistic about an arranged marriage. (Let’s hope she doesn’t fall in love with someone else and spoil it.) And I hope Abagael finds someone else because 4 years is a long time to wait.

    It’s fun to see them as young adults!

  2. I only hope Gabriel get’s over Helena so he doesn’t make sweet Jaedyn suffer in there marriage.
    They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned but woe to the woman married to a man in love with another.


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