Peter Takes A Fall.

A swift kick to the chair Peter was sitting on sent him crashing to the floor. Stunned the young man tried to recover himself “Christopher” he sneered at his attacker. 

“Why?” Christopher demanded “Of all the women, why her” 

“why her what?” Peter retorted picking himself up. 

“Anya, why Anya? 

“What did she tell you I did?” 

“She didn’t tell me anything” Christopher scowled, grabbing the young nobleman by the tunic and slamming him into the closest wall “she didn’t need too all path’s lead to you!” 

“Christopher stop it” Gabriel demanded standing from his seat “what is going on?”

“Your brother forced himself on my sister” Christopher growled. 

“Prove it” Peter laughed “Even if you could there is nothing you can do” 

“I can put you at the bottom of a very dark ditch” Christopher warned slamming the young man’s head against the stone wall so loudly that all could hear the resounding crack. 

“Christopher stop it” Gabriel insisted, coming up from behind he tried to drag him away, Christopher however an ex solider and mercenary batted him aside sending him flying arse over head over the coffee table at his feet. 

Hearing the commotion Danson entered the room, running to Peter’s aid the Knight caught hold of Christopher and tried to pull him off. “What’s going on he demanded?” 

“Tell him” Peter managed to goaded despite his woozy state “why don’t you tell him why you attack with no provocation and no evidence” 

“I know what you did” 

“Then why not share it?” Peter suggested, seeming almost drunk. 

Picking himself up Gabriel assisted his brother and between him and Danson they managed to drag a very angry nobleman off Peter. Who no long had the strength to stand, sliding down the wall and collapsing to the floor.

“You think your untouchable” Christopher hissed as he was dragged from the room “Well I am here to warn you that you are not” 

Once outside Danson released him frowning “what was that all about?” the head of the knights asked sternly. 

“Nothing” Christopher snapped “It’s a matter between me and the Hamduns” 

“Then perhaps we should go and discuss the matter with Sir Hamdun, Abel is dutied with security of the castle” 

“Well he’s doing a piss poor job” Christopher cursed “Do you really think Abel would hear me out, if I was to lay charges against his brother??” 

“Perhaps not” Danson agreed “Daniel then?” 

“Daniel is no better” Christopher spat, “His head is so far up the Hamdun arse I’m surprised the crown doesn’t pierce a lung” 

Danson smiled vaguely amused “so tell me then, what happened?” 

Christopher wrestled with the fact’s for a moment, he didn’t want to ruin Anya’s chances of marrying Lorcan and if this got out they would certainly be ruined. Then he weighed that up against the knowledge he had of the Hamduns, Peter was no doubt already formulating a case for an unwarranted attack to present to Daniel. Bah it would all come out no matter what he did. 

“He forced himself on my sister” he growled. 

“Which one?” Danson asked. 

“Anya, Nicoles eldest” 

“Are you sure she didn’t consent?” Danson asked sternly. 

“Willing girls do not usually end up bruised” Christopher replied shortly. 

“And she said Peter did this to her?” 

“Not exactly” Christopher admitted, “she admitted it was a nobleman, she is refusing to talk, she’s scared it will effect her chances to marry no-doubt, besides he as good as admitted it himself to me” 

“Did anyone witness it?” 

“I don’t think so” 

“Then you have a hard case to prove” Danson sighed “Even if you can convince Daniel it occurred and he was to blame, Peter is not Daniel’s to command” 

“Then I’ll deal with it myself” Christopher scowled. 

“You however are Daniel’s… You know he’ll never allow you to jeopardize the relationship he has with Peter” 

“That’s Ok” Christopher nodded “I wasn’t planning on asking permission… now if you’ll excuse me I have some people to see”

One response to “Peter Takes A Fall.

  1. HELL YES!! Kick his arse, Chris!!

    … You know, I wonder what Tarik would say if he knew that Peter had done this. Considering that Tarik let Peter live, once upon a time, after having done something — or come this close to doing something — damn similar. And then he took Peter into his kingdom and made him, essentially, his right hand man. (And then Lucious came along … oh, Tarik, I love you dearly, but man do you have bad judgment in right hand men.)

    Of course, this is all assuming that Chris and Crissawills and I are right. But if Peter hadn’t done it … wouldn’t he just deny it?

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