Anya Swares Maegan To Secrecy

Maegan bounded into Anya’s room like a jack rabbit, she had so much to tell he friend. Ok perhaps she wasn’t going to give her intimate details but still Anya needed to know, she needed to know that Christopher had kissed her and it had been wonderful. 

After the initial kiss the pair had gone to bed, well gone to the bed if that was a better way to put it as by then neither of them had any intention of sleeping. She had never imagined how much of an evening a couple could occupy simply kissing and yet that was all they had done. Sure enough he’d placed his hands on her somewhat but even that had been wonderful, even though he’d never ventured beneath her nightgown. 

Still in her nightgown because Anya was late in coming to help her dress she leapt onto the bed beside her friend, “Morning Sleepy head” she squealed. The room was still dark and the curtain’s drawn even though the sun was shining brightly outside. 

Anya stirred, rolling over to face her. The joy simply drained from Maegan’s body. Anya’s eye’s where red and puffy the unmistakable sign of a girl who’d spent much of the night crying. 

“What’s the matter?” 

“Nothing” Anya retorted sharply pulling herself up the bed and preparing to climb out. 

“It doesn’t look like nothing” Maegan replied, suddenly she spotted something Anya’s wrists glowed red the skin darkening, the first sign’s of bruising. 

“I’m fine” the older girl insisted climbing from the bed, but even that seemed laboured as though her whole body pained her. 

“Anya your worrying me” Maegan begged reaching out to her wrists “what’s this?” she asked. 

Anya glowered back, roughly pulling the sleeves of her nightgown down “It’s nothing” 

“It doesn’t look like nothing, tell me” 

“Why?! Why should I tell you everything?” 

“I’m your friend” Maegan replied weakly “Please your scaring me” 

“Be a friend then and keep your nose out” she hissed flattening out the sheets.

“Did Lorcan hurt you?” 

“Maegan shut up” Anya growled, making her way to the wardrobe “go back to your chambers, I’ll be though in a minute” 

“No.. .not till you tell me. Did Lorcan do this? Please Anya im your friend” 

“Lorcan didn’t do anything” 

“Then who and what?” 

“Maegan drop it, go to your room and forget it.. i’ll come and help you dress in a minute” 

“I don’t care about getting dressed, I want to know what happened?” 

“Are you my friend?” Anya growled sternly looking at Maegan directly for the first time. 

“Yes of course” 

“Then go to your room and forget about it, I swear megs if you so much as breath a whisper about this to anyone I will never talk to you again” 


“No buts” Anya interrupted “If you tell anyone, I’ll never talk to you again”

One response to “Anya Swares Maegan To Secrecy

  1. Anya, no! This isn’t the way to handle this! No matter what happened to you, your daddy would stick by you and make sure you were taken care of — especially since it looks like whatever happened, you weren’t 100% on board with it.

    That poor little girl. I hope Maegan goes and tells someone else about it — an adult. A real adult. Not an “I-have-a-wedding-ring-so-now-I-am-an-adult” adult.

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