Jaw Dropping

Christopher opened the door for the great hall, holding it open he guided Jaedyn to her seat, quietly amused by the look on Gabriel’s face, he obviously hadn’t expected Jaedyn to turn up for breakfast at all, never mind looking so composed and together.


Christopher watched as she sat down and smiled to himself, he hadn’t lied he did think she was beautiful, especially now. She’d made herself up and was carrying herself well and despite the glimmer of nerves she was doing everything he’d asked and the jaw dropped expression on Gabriel’s face proved she was doing it wonderfully.

Taking a seat him self he nodded his head towards Gabriel, ” good morning” he offered, Gabriel nodded in response not quite sure what to make of Jaedyn or her guest, Jaedyn glanced around uncomfortably, there seemed to be an unusual amount of servants in the hall this morning, un-doubtly waiting for the explosion.


Eventually Gabriel broke the silence, “Did you sleep well?” he asked turning to Christopher.

Christopher nodded ” Yes Lord Hamdun, thank you for your hospitality”

Gabriel nodded ” your welcome” he replied. “So how’s the Vaux estate fairing?”

Christopher smiled; glad he’d asked, “It’s doing wonderfully, going from strength to strength. Things are a little manic at the moment with the affairs going on about the kingdom, my father is spending a great deal of time up at the castle and im due up at the barrack’s to help Thomas later to today, but the estate it self it doing very well, we have a number of new family’s, and the Village market is booming”.

Gabriel nodded, listening intently but his face showed much of how he was feeling, Christopher knew Lord Hamdun was no fool, he already knew how the Vaux estate was doing, every lord worth his salt kept a very close eye on how the others where doing.

Christopher however had used the opportunity to drop in the dealings between his family and the royals. Everyone knew Orrick was close to the king, however the fact that Christopher the future lord was possibly getting the same way with the heir, obviously un-nerved Gabriel especially as the king had never so much as asked his opinion on anything.

Orrick had always under-estimated the power of having friends in the right circles Christopher did not and by the look on Gabriel’s face neither did he.

“So how about yourself?” Christopher smiled ” I hear your having to re-build the village?”

Gabriel nodded the strain showing ” Yes its proving to be quite a job, it should be nice when its finished though”

“Expensive??” Christopher asked, knowing full well it would be. The Hamdun’s where rich but even he knew this would be a drain on the coffers and he wanted to judge how much.

“Yes” Gabriel sighed heavily ” I’ve had to bring men in from the mainland, to do most of the work, it should be worth it though. I’m hoping the new homes will tempt some of them to stay in Grimstead, there’s also all the soldiers, new men arrive every month I know Henrys providing for the men but still there families need homes”.

“Your a little far away for the barracks for that aren’t you?” Christopher asked, as the Hamdun land was the furthest away from the barracks.

“Perhaps” Gabriel replied getting irritated again ” still homes need to be built, I have people living in the church at the moment”.

Christopher nodded, confirming all he needed to know. The village restoration was indeed going to drain the Hamdun coffers more than Gabriel was comfortable with, the Hamduns could un-doubtly afford the work, but Gabriel’s self confidence was little better than his wife’s and he was worried about it all the same.

Gabriel shot a glance towards Jaedyn, however she didn’t notice, paying very close attention to her breakfast praying no-one noticed she was there “To be honest im not quite sure how you ended up here?” Gabriel continued. ” You arrived with my wife last night I believe?”

Jaedyn froze, still staring at her food, her heart raced as she dreaded Christopher telling her husband the truth about how he’s literally bought her back kicking and screaming. What was he going to say? Jaedyn wondered.

Christopher’s reply didn’t make her feel any better. He simply smiled, ” that’s a conversation for after breakfast I believe…. In private.”

Gabriel who was still feeling irritable from the night before, glared towards Jaedyn before looking back at Christopher ” there’s nothing you can’t say here” he snapped.

“Still I’d rather discuss it in private” Christopher replied calmly ” it’s a delicate matter”.

Gabriel huffed in no mood for avoidance ” Please, just tell me why you’re here?” he demanded.

Christopher, shuffled trying his best to look uncomfortable ” Well… Lord Hamdun, its come to my attention that you plan to seek an annulment??”

Gabriel paused looking sternly ” what about it? He asked cautiously.

“So its true?” Christopher asked, looking over towards Jaedyn whose attention had suddenly turned from her empty plate to the conversation.

“Yes” Gabriel snapped ” but im not sure where you going with this? Would you like to get to the point??”

“Well, the truth is…. ” Christopher continued, “I was wondering how quickly you planned to get it moved along?”

Gabriel looked un-amused ” why??” he asked again.

“Because I plan to ask for the kings permission to marry Jaedyn as soon as it’s finalised,” he replied calmly.

3 responses to “Jaw Dropping

  1. Interesting. Especially if he really is. I’m sure the King will love that since he’s already betrothed to Maegen. It seems like he might just be trying to strike a nerve though. Can’t wait to see their reactions, I’m sure it will be good.

  2. ah, dont keep us waiting for too long!

  3. man is he really wanting this because hes either acting nuts or has some secret plan here….currently it looks like hes been concussed and doesn;t know what hes saying

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