Times Up

“Good morning gentlemen” Daniel smiled “Kaitlyn” he nodded, heading into the meeting chambers where the noblemen sat waiting. It had been an eventful few weeks, by now everyone had heard about what had happened in the mountains, at least they had heard the version Daniel had told them.

Kaitlyn’s stomach sat in knots, by now the only thing that seemed likely to save Duncan’s crown was the truth, but the truth seemed to be the one thing Duncan seemed unable to remember. She knew Vincent had something to do with her son’s sudden amnesia and no matter how much she yelled, Lar’s remained unwilling to do anything about it.

She was starting to tire of Lar’s and the scheming and lie’s that seemed to be involved as soon as something came into thier lives. Lar’s told her it was for peoples well being that they didn’t know, but damn it this was likely to cost Duncan his crown. Without the facts of what had occurred that night up in the mountains she had no way of defending her sons decisions or actions.

Daniel smiled and took his seat “We have much to discuss, but first Orrick I take it there has been no word from your son?”

“No your highness” Orrick replied with a resigned sigh.

Suddenly the door opened almost on que, “Sorry” Christopher interrupted entering the room quickly and taking a seat next to his father “By boat only just arrived” he explained.

“Arh well, it’s good to see you Lord Vaux” Daniel smiled, “I take it.. you’ve been informed of the events which have led to this meeting”

“Only that Thomas is dead” Christopher replied, his father sitting beside him in stunned silence unable to hide his relief.

“That’s pretty much the crux of it” Daniel nodded.

“I’m sorry for your loss” Christopher replied “How is the Queen?”

Orrick’s eye’s widens as did a number of the other noblemen’s, “Erm.. “ Orrick interrupted, “Holly Beaumont… is fine.. I think.. isn’t she Valdermar?”

“Oh, of course” Christopher nodded, looking confused “I just mean that .. she and Thomas .. I thought she must be upset even with the circumstances as they are”

“My Wife is coping” Valdermar replied looking unimpressed at the slip.

Kaitlyn cringed, of course Christopher had been away for the entire Thomas and Holly split, he had no way of knowing they where no longer together “I know this meeting has only just started” she interrupted “but Christopher has been away since Thomas’s death.. I think perhaps a short recess to allow Orrick to bring him up to speed?”

“I don’t see why that’s necessary” Daniel snapped.

“Perhaps not” Kaitlyn replied “But as I’m in charge until the council deem it otherwise, im ordering a recess.. gentlemen can we gather back here in say one hour?” nod’s filtered around the room, least of all from Christopher and Orrick “Very well, back in one hour”

Several minutes later, Orrick found himself alone with his son where an uncomfortable silence had fallen, the first thing that struck him was how self assured Christopher seemed, sitting back in his chair Orrick realised then that no amount of chastisement was going to make a difference to what had happened so instead he settled for “Im glad your home”

Christopher nodded, “Me too.. so are you going to tell me whats going on, it seems the kingdom is in chaos?”

Orrick sighed, “Indeed” he replied and the pair spent a good deal of time catching up on the events of the past few months, from simple things like who had married who to the more complex matters like why Tarik was threatening war. Eventually Christopher knew enough to bluff his way though the meeting and Orrick took a short break.

On his return Orrick gave Christopher an odd sort of look as he sat down in his chair “You haven’t once asked about Maegan, do you not care how she’s fairing”

“Of course I care” Christopher replied, “How is she?”

“Growing into a fine young woman” Orrick replied “You’d be proud of her, she’s handled herself and the estate magnificently, especially considering the burden you left her”

“You make it sound, like a left her to go gallivanting” Christopher replied getting defensive.

“I know – I know” Orrick replied, “I don’t want to fight with you Christopher, I just mean she’s done you proud and im not sure you’ll even recognise her.. she’s hardly the little girl you left behind”

“She’s what 13 now?”

 “Yes 13 but growing into quite a lady” Orrick smiled “Pretty too if I do say so myself”

 “You know if it wasn’t for the fact that you needed me, I wouldn’t have returned” Christopher replied “I still think she’s too young”

 “You haven’t seen her yet” Orrick replied hopefully.

 “It won’t make a difference a 13 year old girl, is a 13 year old girl regardless how she looks.”

5 responses to “Times Up

  1. Christopher! Yay!

    and even though I voted for Daniel in the poll (for drama’s sake and not sure how Duncan was able to handle things), I kind of hope Duncan gets his crown nonetheless.

    also! yay for seeing valdermar!

  2. Welcome back, Christopher!

    Part of me wishes that Kaitlyn would just tell the truth as she knows it — at least to the Council, all of whom, I believe, know that something is out there that isn’t human. Maybe it’s too soon for the general population to know, but Grimstead has been the punching bag of demons, garou, vampires and who-knows-what-else since the first boat landed in the harbor. I don’t blame her, at all, for being sick and tired of the lies and the deceit that Lars throws at her whenever anything supernatural goes down. Maybe one way to stop being lied to is to start telling the truth.

    And I hope this is the turn of a new leaf in Orrick and Christopher’s relationship, I really do. If Orrick starts putting more pressure on Christopher to consummate, I hope Christopher smacks him upside the head. Maegan is still a bit young for that — especially with a man who abandoned her for almost a year.

    Maybe Chris can fill the niche in her heart that Bailey was starting to make, and then we can talk about consummation. ;)

  3. I think part of the problem is that although many people do know not many of the “council do in actual fact” Let’s look at who we have.

    Daniel – no clue
    Duncan – memory recently wiped
    Orrick – no clue
    Christopher – no clue
    Vince – memory recently wiped
    Able – memory recently wiped
    Gabriel – is under the control of Siren but doens’t realise it.

    Leaving the only ones that actually do know anything being Kaitlyn and Valdermar and Val isn’t likely to say “well ya actually my sister isn’t dead, she’s undead”

    As for Maegan and Christopher, i get the feeling it’s going to take a while before he’s ready to concider her his wife in “all ways” never mind the other way around.

  4. All I will say is YAY Christopher is back!!!!!!!!

    Oh and biting my nails with all this political drama!

  5. Yay I’m so glad Christopher is back! Hopefully things will begin to be set right.

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