Unexpected Turn of Event’s

Christopher cautiously made his way towards the hedge row’s, and eventually he spotted the corner of Jaedyn’s dress sticking out behind a bush.

“Lady Hamdun??” he called. ” are you ok??” He could hear her faint sob’s and paused for a moment, worried that not only was he intruding on a lady’s business but that she maybe answering natures call ” Lady Hamdun??” he called again.

After a moment or two the was a break in the soft sob’s ” im fine” she called ” go back to the carriage, I’ll be with you shortly”.

Christopher turned to leave, taking a few steps he paused and waited, listening her could hear the sobs start up again. Torn between returning the the carriage as the lady had requested and going to see if he could help he stood motionless.

Hearing the sobs get louder and more desperate he listened as she struggled to catch her breath, eventually causing herself to vomit, hearing this Christopher threw aside his reservations and headed back to the bush, finding Lady Hamdun on all fours she wept.

Christopher, kneeled beside her putting his hand on her shoulders her pulled her into a sitting position, ” Milady” he said ” are you ok?” he asked.

Jaedyn paused for a moment, bloodshot eye’s looking up at him she nodded before plunging her head into his shoulder where she continued to cry uncontrollably.

Taken back by her sudden embrace Christopher looked around nervously worried someone might see, and how it might look. Determining no-one from the carriage had followed, he gently and nervously patted her back. ” let’s get you back to the carriage” he suggested.

“No please” she whimpered ” give me a minute, im sorry, I’ll be ok”.

Christopher nodded, and tentatively returned the embrace unsure what else to do, and waited.

When Jaedyn did finally manage to pry herself away from his shoulder she wiped her eye’s on the corner of her gown. ” im sorry” she repeated.

“Are things really that bad he asked?”

Jaedyn shook her head” You must take me for some spoiled noble woman?”

“Not at all” he offered, pulling his legs from under him he settled into a more comfortable sitting position ” i don’t know you well enough to make that judgment”.

“My husband doesn’t want me” she blurted out suddenly “he’d rather have a peasant girl”. Christopher nodded, not quite sure how to respond. ” he had her right there in my house, and i supposed to just accept it, they have a baby…. something ive never managed to give him. He wants an annulment, I thought my father would help me, let me stay there, but no… he sent me back… how can i go back??” she demanded.

Christopher paused not sure what to say, picking his works carefully “well I don’t really know you or your husband” he offered “but I think he’s very lucky to be married to you, after all your royalty and if you don’t mind me saying quite an attractive lady”.

Jaedyn blushed “Do you really think so?” she asked.

“Yes of course” Christopher laughed “I used to have quite a crush on you when I was younger”

“Really??” Jaedyn managed to smile.

“Well on you and your sister to be truthful” Christopher chuckled.

“On both of us?” she laughed ” have you always been a man with such extravagant desires?”

Christopher smiled, and started to stand “Well to be truthful, i was only six last time i saw you, i was visiting the castle with my father. I didn’t realize that you and your sister where twins, i just thought you where one person that seemed to be everywhere”

Jaedyn chuckled “See i always knew that my mother dressing myself and Abagael the same would have disastrous results, i just didn’t realize it would traumatize a young boy”.

“I wouldn’t say I was traumatized” Christopher laughed “Come on, let’s get you back to the carriage” he said offering out his hand, he helped her to her feet.

“Thank you” Jaedyn replied, taking a step forward, she caught the heel of her shoe on the bottom of her dress, suddenly lunging forward.

Christopher quickly caught her his strong arms catching her around her waist, he span her round ” nearly” he grinned.

Jaedyn blushed ” Goodness, Thank you” she replied.

“No problem” he said, suddenly realizing he was holding the lady very closely he flushed letting go,” lets try again” he said offering his hand to aid her travel across the uneven ground.

Taking his hand Jaedyn stood still, resisting his guidance she waited for him to turn, “did you really mean it?” she asked.

“Mean what?” he replied.

“You think im beautiful?”

Christopher smiled ” Yes of course, im not prone to saying things i don’t mean”. Taking a step towards the young man Jaedyn suddenly kissed him, wrapping her arms around his neck.


4 responses to “Unexpected Turn of Event’s

  1. Well what can i say it may take a couple of years but eventually everybody will know what shes really like, shes taking advantage of the poor fella now if shes not careful and they get caught she may cause conflict or even war between the two families.

  2. Ewww…. didn’t she just vomit!? Oh that is so gross!! ~gags~

  3. haha, newcornwall. I love how you remembered that she’d just vomitted, I didn’t remember so I just went ‘awwww, that so cute!’

    I actually like jaedyn and i hope that in some twisted way these two will live happily ever after..
    Yah, i’m young and i’m still not a cynic.

    but kissing right after she vomitted yeah, that’s gross, eeew

  4. Did not remember about the vomiting thing until you said something either. That is pretty gross. lol. But that probably won’t help her situation any. Then again maybe Gabriel will be jealous. Although it probably would cause a lot of conflict between the two families. He’s already betrothed to her very young neice.

    They probably didn’t really kiss though. I mean we don’t even have a picture as proof ;).

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