Maegan Say’s To Much

“Are you excited?” Anya bounced. 

Maegan chuckled “No not really, but you clearly are” 

“I know, I know .. silly isn’t it. I saw Lorcan at Abel’s wedding but it seemed so set that father wasn’t going to let me marry him.. and now.. well now perhaps he will. Beside it never even entered my head till now to actually speak to him, I mean surely father nor Christopher can get upset if I speak to my own betrothed” 

“As long as it’s only talking” Maegan giggled. 

“Perhaps not only talking” Anya grinned impishly “Surely no-one can complain if I let my betrothed kiss me” 

“Oh Anya your simply terrible” 

“It’s not terrible, besides I might not let him I can’t even remember what he looks like.. he might be dreadful. He’s got dark hair I think, like Valdermar but shorter” 

“Would your father make you marry him if you didn’t like him?” 

“No I don’t think so” Anya grinned “I’m not important enough to worry about marrying well, besides he’s still looking for any excuse to shun the Baeumont’s” 

“You fathers doing an awful lot of shunning everyone at the moment” Maegan laughed. 

“Yeah well that’s because everyone’s stuck their heads so far up Gabriel’s ass no-one can see straight any more” 

“Oh Anya” Maegan laughed “You can be so crude” 

“You can thank my mother for that” Anya giggled “Oh but want about you? Tonight’s a far bigger night for you than it is for me” 

“What’s so big about it, the coronation isn’t till tomorrow?” Maegan replied, hunting around for her hairbrush, she was certain on of the maids had packed it to take with her but she didn’t fancy rummaging though the cases. “besides im certainly not looking forward to that, im not even sure if my mother and Duncan will come” 

“Not that … You and Chris of course!” Anya squealed clapping clearly excited enough for the both of them. 

“Why what’s happening?” Maegan asked, ending the hunt for the brush to pay her friend more attention because she didn’t have a clue what she was talking about. 

“Ugh!” Anya proclaimed as though it should have been obvious “You.. Chris .. one bed.. tonight at the castle” 

“Oh Anya!” she huffed “Chris has made it clear that’s not happening.. besides we’ve shared before” 

“Yes but it’s different now do you think?” 

“Different how?” 

“Well you yourself said you think Chris is starting to see you as a woman, that there have been a few occasion’s when you think he wanted to kiss you. You’ve both sort of got over your fear of touching thing. I mean you snuggle up all cute now on the couch in the evenings and everything. Don’t you think now that your a little bit more ‘familiar’ then when your snuggled up in bed, your head on his chest.. his arms around you … things then might seem to be ‘quite natural’” 

Maegan felt the colour drain from her face, she’d not seen it from that perspective at all. She’d only thought of it the way they’d shared the last time, him as far to the left as he could go and her as far to the right. Anya was right they had two nights together sharing a bed, tonight during the pre-celebrations and then tomorrow after the coronation after a few drinks Anya was right things might indeed seem ‘quite natural’. 

Slumping down onto the couch “I hate you” she proclaimed playfully “I was perfectly fine and now i’m terrified again and its all your fault” Anya laughed but Maegan sat pondering the possibility’s for a moment. “Oh bother it” she decided, “I’m not worrying about it, every time I worry I get myself all upset and then nothing happens anyway, besides I have more important things to worry about” 

“Like what?” 

“Oh Anya that new noblewoman and Jaedyn will be there .. I just don’t want to spend an evening with a room full of woman who’ve slept with my husband, its… humiliating” Maegan fretted. 

“Jaedyn?” Anya queried. “Jaedyn’s slept with Chris?” 

“Oh!” Maegan exclaimed suddenly realising her blunder, Anya knew about Christopher’s recent transgression but she’d not told her about Jaedyn. “Sorry.. don’t tell anyone…” she cringed.. “It was a long time ago” 

“It must have been, Jaedyn’s been married a long time.. I mean Jaedyn’s older than Chris, she’s been married since….. “ 

Maegan watched Anya run though the calculations “Yes I know… she’s been married since well before Chris was even interested in girls… don’t tell anyone Anya please, I shouldn’t have told you you know how much trouble this would cause if her husband found out??” 

“How did you find out?” 

“Oh Anya don’t ask, it’s all terrible and your best just staying out of it just promise you won’t tell anyone Gabriel would be furious, he’d kill Jaedyn and he’d probably try and kill Chris it would ruin the family” Anya nodded seeming to understand “Thank you” Maegan smiled feeling a little relieved. 

“I don’t know how you cope with him” Anya replied seeming angry “If Lorcan is the same way I just don’t know what I will do”

3 responses to “Maegan Say’s To Much

  1. Uh oh….oopsie! I hope Anya doesn’t let that one slip or Maegan again for that matter! (not for Jaedyn’s sake but because I really don’t want Chris to get hurt) I still love Anya and Maegan’s friendship. We shall see what happens…I hope that HObella doesn’t make Maegan uncomfortable or upset her…I don’t *think* Jaedyn would but then again who knows…I know how desperate she is sometimes…(just can’t stand Jaedyn)

  2. Hmm. If Jaedyn really is pregnant, she would have no logical reason to try to jump Christopher again.

    However, if Jaedyn is pregnant, she may also just be horny …

    These two are so cute, however! If Anya marries Lorgan, he’s just going to have to move to the Hallows. Or you’re going to have to fiddle with the geography of Grimstead so that the Hallows and wherever Lorcan ends up are right next door to each other. You can’t destroy a bea-u-ti-ful friendship like this! :)

  3. haha … well atm Lorcan’s up the creek without a paddle.

    Firstly he’s off to Uni so there will be no marriage in the near future (assuming his brother gets his act together enough to afford uni that is) you can all breath easy we’ve got at least 4 years with Anya and Maegan :)

    When Lorcan returns he has two oppertunity’s of “lordship” firstly would be to get some land granted to him from Valdermar not ruddy likely in Valdermar’s current situation, unless Valdermar really finds himself some friends in high places and manages to rescue his own land and pull some strings to get more. Otherwise I can’t see Valdermar just handing a portion of his already small estate to his little brother?

    Lorcan’s most likely option for getting land (albiet not that likely) is that Lorcan go’s to uni, comes home does what Abels done which is go into the service of the crown in the “hope” that he will after some years of exeptional and loyal service will make it to the top of his career and get granted land by Daniel.

    Overall the most “likey” outcome is that Daniel will grant Lorcan and Anya an appartment in the barracks and lorcan will never become a lord in his own right, but will live as noblity in reasonable but not lavish comfort. (similar to the way Abel/Persia live now) Which geographically speaking put’s Maegan about 6 hours ride away from Anya, not exactly close enough for “tea”

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