Anya Isn’t Talking

Chris smiled as his young wife entered the room, without thinking he grabbed her wrist and pulled her to him wrapping him up into his arms with the intention of kissing her. 

“Chris No” she whimpered pushing his away and wriggling free of his grip. 

“I’m sorry” he apologised, suddenly fearful that Maegan was regretting the night before. “Did I do something wrong” 

“No” she replied, her face strained, he could tell she was fighting off a flood of tears. 

“What’s the matter?” 

“I don’t know… “ she replied her voice trembling “Nothing I guess” 

“Did I do something wrong? Did I hurt you or scare you last night?” 

“No” she sighed, laying a calming hand on him “It was wonderful.. I just.. I guess im just tired” 

“You don’t look tired Meg’s, look like your about to cry.  Did you have a fight with Anya” 

“No” she whispered but the look on her face, told him this was certainly something to do with Anya. 

“Maegan now is not the time to keep secrets, what’s going on?” 

“I don’t know” she replied honestly. 

“Tell me” he urged. 

“Anya… “ she began nervously biting her lip the way she often did when scared or upset “I think something happen to Anya.. she has bruises but won’t tell me how” 

“Bruises?” he questioned “What sort of bruises” 

“On her wrist” Maegan replied softy “I think perhaps there are more but she won’t tell me.. “ 

Christopher felt his blood boil “I’m going to see her” he growled. 

“No don’t” Maegan begged “She forbade me from telling anyone.  She’ll never speak to me again, if she knows I told” 

“Maegan some things need telling” Christopher replied “This isn’t your fault. It’s not a secret she should be asking you to keep” 

“I know but … Chris she doesn’t want anyone to know” 

“So what?? we keep a secret, so whoever hurt her can do it again?” 

“I don’t know” Maegan sobbed “I don’t even know what happened” 

“Well I’m going to find out” Christopher decided heading for the door and storming out into the corridor. 

Knocking on the door to Anya’s room he waited for what seemed like the longest time for Anya to open it, by now she was dressed her hair was still in tatters and from her appearance she’d been in the process of getting herself dressed. 

“What happened?” he demanded, pushing past her and into the room. 

“I don’t know what you mean” Anya retorted angrily. 

“Let me see your wrists” 

“She told you” The young girl hissed “I hate her” 

“Anya your wrists” Christopher insisted, watching as his younger sister hide them defensively behind her back.

“Go away” she scowled “It has nothing to do with you” 

“Anya Please” he begged realising sometimes anger was not the way to deal with things, especially when dealing with what appeared to be a scared young girl “Please Anya tell me what happened” 

“Nothing happened” she insisted “…….I fell” 

“Then show me your wrists”


“Please” he begged “Show me” 

“Fine!” she scowled holding them out to see. Christopher peered at them turning them over in hand. This was no fall he decided. Lines clearly outlined where fingers had held her.

Releasing them he quickly moved to her neck line moving aside the cloth revealing what he suspected, bruising around her neck. He knew the prim high collared dress was not his sisters usual attire. 

“What happened?” he asked again. 

“Nothing” she replied defiantly. 

“Shall I go and speak to Lorcan?” Christopher asked, “Ask him why there are finger marks on your wrists” 

“NO!” she shrieked. “You can’t do that” 

“Why not, what did he say he’d do to you if you told?” 

“He didn’t do anything” Anya sobbed “It wasn’t him, he didn’t do anything” 

“Then who did?” 

“No one.. no one at all.. I fell… I just fell” 

“Let me help you?” he offered, taking her by the shoulder he pulled her into an embrace “Someone did this to you and I want to know who? Your my little sister I love you. Let me help you”

“You can’t help” she sobbed into his shoulder. 

“If not Lorcan who? Anya please… I know you spent time with him. Did he get carried away? Force himself on you?” 

“Stop” she begged pushing him away “Stop. Just stop” 

Christopher sighed, racking his brains for someone anyone who would hurt her. The only reasonable explanation was that Lorcan had done it, got carried away perhaps.. Wanting more from her than she was offering?

Was she just roughed up or did something more sinister happen?

 Needing answers she didn’t seem willing to give he began to scan the room “Anya where’s the dress you wore last night?” 

Anya sobbed “Don’t Chris please don’t” 

“Where is it?” he insisted, wandering around the room beginning to shift furnisher.  Realising that her increasingly agitated state suggested that the dress would indeed give him the answers he desired “Shall I go and get father” 

“No” she begged “Please..please don’t tell him” 

Opening the door to the wardrobe he found the gown he was looking scrupled in a heap, Anya didn’t say a word standing there she just began to cry all the harder.

Picking it up he noticed it was ripped in several locations around the collar and corset, there was blood on the front, no doubt from a smack to the face though she didn’t sport any injury’s where, perhaps a bitten tongue? 

Then there it was muck down the back and matching stain’s on the undergarments evidence that she’d spent much of the encounter on the floor. Christopher’s heart sank secretly he’d hoped she’d just been roughed up, however evidence showed something far worse had occurred. 

“Did he force himself on you?” he asked gently. Anya shook her head but he didn’t belive her “Was it Lorcan?” 

“No” she sobbed “No.. leave him alone. He didn’t do anything” 

“Why are you protecting him” he asked “ I won’t let him hurt you again” 

“He didn’t do anything” she sobbed. 

“Then who did?”

Anya shook her head.

“Anya if you don’t tell me, I then I’m going to go and have words with him because I know you where with him.  If he didn’t do it then perhaps he knows who did?” 

“No” she sobbed over and over again “Please No”

One response to “Anya Isn’t Talking

  1. Poor baby!! But thank goodness Maegan told. Now at least Christopher and Orrick will be protecting Anya from whoever hurt her.

    *shudders* I just remembered that Lorcan took her to the barracks … I don’t even want to think about what might have happened to her.

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