Letter Writing.

Several months had passed since Gabriel had visited the university, and he paced his room like a caged animal. Why was it all so unfair, why could he not simply be allowed to marry is love. He’d stayed away from Helena like she’d asked but it was killing him. With less than 12 months till Jaedyn’s return he felt the panic slowly welling up inside him. He’d heard Helena was married now and although logically he kept telling himself he needed to move on too he simply couldn’t.  

He didn’t want to hurt Jaedyn, he’d tried to keep up the act for his week’s long stay at the campus but he knew he couldn’t keep pretending for the length of a marriage, His mother had tried to talk to him, she’d said that perhaps with time he’d learn to love the princess, but he didn’t want to, he wanted Helena.

 snapshot_d2e1bdc5_732a163a.jpg Sitting down with a quill, he thought perhaps if I send Jaedyn a letter explaining my heart belongs to someone else he thought, surely she would then call off the wedding. He knew it would hurt the poor girl, but it had to be kinder than allowing the wedding to go ahead.


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