Christopher Makes A Demand

“Christopher I don’t know what you want me to say?” Daniel argued. 

“I wasn’t you to say you understand, say that you’ll not let Peter walk free from this” 

“Peter is hardly walking free from anything” Daniel reasoned, “By all accounts he is a dead man” 

“Not according to Gabriel, he’s under the impression that your doctor’s a halfwit apparently Peter has made a remarkable recovery for a dead man” 

“What do you mean?” 

“I mean Gabriel was gloating at breakfast about how Peters injurys where no-where near as severe as your Doctor made out and he’s already up and about” 

“I haven’t seen him” Daniel admitted. 

“Well if it’s true and Peter is no to die of his injurys where does that leave me? Maegan and My sister deserve some sort of justice” 

“Your sister is not even admitting he touch her” 

“Very well” Christopher nodded “Maegan then, your very own Niece” 

“What do you expect me to do” Daniel reasoned “Peter’s not even one of my subjects” 

“Not one of your subjects, for a man who isn’t he seems to have a quite a hold on this kingdom and spends a lot of time here at the castle I refuse to believe you have no control here, and if you truly don’t then I dare to ask who exactly is controlling this Kingdom” 

“Your out of line!” Daniel growled. 

“Then do something… you can not proclaim there is a lack of evidence in this case.. what Peter did was clear” 

“Very well, I’ll talk to Peter perhaps he would be willing to compensate Maegan for her loss” 

“I hope you aren’t suggesting that a bag of gold somehow fixes this?” 

“What else do you want me to do?” 

“When Peter took a peasant girl against her will, my father and your father allowed Tarik to duel for her honour and he didn’t even get around to doing what he did to Maegan” 

“It had nothing to do with her honour, Peter slighted Tarik she was his property” 

“And as her husband isn’t Maegan mine?”

“Yes I suppose” 

“Then let me kill him” Christopher growled. 

“I can’t make him and Peter will never agree” 

“Ask!” Christopher insisted, “Tell him unless he rights things then he will never be allowed back into the Kingdom for Trade, hit him where it hurts in the coffers… tell him if he wants to clear his name and resume trade then he must duel me” 

“Peters trade routes benefit the kingdom too greatly” 

“Damn you Daniel.. My Family have served your family loyally for years .. Peters abandoned the kingdom the first time he sniffed a greener patch of grass.. if you won’t fix this I will see Tarik from what I have heard he is a reasonable man, perhaps he will aid me against Peter because with out without your support I will make him pay for this” 

“Christopher … Calm down please I understand you are frustrated, I have already offered you Emma. Why don’t you consider it? She’s a fine girl and as you seem to be insistent on waiting a few years to have children surely three or four more till she’s of age would be acceptable” 

“I do not want another wife” Christopher fumed “This is not about my honour.. it is about Maegan’s and she will remain my wife regardless. Now will you make Peter duel or shall I see Tarik to see if he will?” 

“I understand you are upset, but you are treading a fine line.. lower your tone I am now your king” 

“I apologise” Christopher replied biting his tongue “But I implore you, let me restore some of my wife’s honour?”

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