Gabriel Learn’s The Truth.

Gabriel sat shaking, unable to think coherently he sat in silence in the bedchamber Daniel had granted him. 

Abel had been to one to give him the news, his brother almost smug as he told him his son was not his son after all. Even though Abel had feigned concern Gabriel knew there was no true compassion behind his brothers words, he and his youngest brother had never been close a divide in the family had always separated the youngest and eldest siblings. 

It was ironic really, of all the Hamdun men Gabriel would have thought Abel would be the one to struggle with heirs it was no secret amongst the closest of the family that Abel was not your usual sort of man and the joke of a woman he’d been forced to marry would only ever push button’s that infuriated him.  Yet here he sat his brothers wife round with child, while his lay bleeding in a pool of her own blood, so many bones shattered she was barely recognisable as the once daughter of a King. 

“Shut up” Gabriel scowled as Jaedyn managed another whimper as she lay struggling on the floor, like a foundering fish, she flapped, but there was not a limb left intact strong enough to carry her. 

Watching he found some amusement in her plight as she tried desperately to drag herself to the gardrobe, the same gardrobe he’d found her in several hours earlier razor in hand. He’d saved her the sin of suicide and he’d save her from it again if she ever got herself that far, she was dying a slow and agonising death which was just the way he wanted it. 

“You should have just told me where he was” Gabriel goaded “This would have been so much easier if you’d just told me what you did with Finian” 

He was honestly surprised at the amount of blood, it seemed to coat every surface of the room, from the bedpost he’d smashed her face into to the wall where the back of her head had cracked, he was surprised at that and the length of time she took to die.. he could hear the blood gurgling around her lungs as she laboured for breath but save for the occasional whimper she’d not made a sound, not pleaded or begged not even when she had a jaw capable of doing so. No matter how hard he hit her or how many bones he broke she refused point blank to tell him, where or who was protecting Finian. 

“Where is my ‘son’? he spat, knowing full well she could no longer reply, the words dripping from his tongue like acid, as it burned. “Did you give him to Christopher?” Gabriel mused, “is that where he is.. did you give him to his father to protect?! Damn you Jaedyn .. damn you.. you bought this on yourself.. dirty filthy whore. Well don’t you worry, if Christopher has him, I will find him and I swear to you now I will kill them both” 

After several minutes of struggling with it mere inches away,, she finally managed to grip the doorframe of the gardrobe, hauling herself a foot or so forward. Standing Gabriel approached, stepping over her he bent over and picked up the razor which lay next to one of the teeth he’d knocked clean from her head. “Is this what your after?” he purred, closing the blade and dangling it before her, watching with pleasure as she tried to reach up for it. “Your not that lucky” he smiled pocketing the blade “Your going to die slowly and I am going to watch”

One response to “Gabriel Learn’s The Truth.

  1. Oh my God. Oh. My. God.

    That is just … horrific. Absolutely horrific. Gabriel’s turned right into his father and it’s horrifying to watch.

    (Not that it isn’t well-written or according to character or anything like that — if it was less well-written, it wouldn’t be this painful to “watch.”)

    I sincerely hope that Daniel will not let him get away with this. Thomas didn’t have much choice when it came to letting Valdemar get away with killing Lucy, but there should be no way that Daniel can sweep the murder of his own sister, in his own castle, under the rug. Then again, Gabriel probably will get away with this … Jaedyn was a “whore” and “deserved” it.

    Poor baby Finian. Chris had better keep him safe — and keep Gabriel the hell away from the Hallows, Finian and Maegan!

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