Who Will Kill Him First

Christopher rode back into the courtyard but the moment arrived he knew something was wrong, his father stood waiting pacing back and forth and as soon as he dismounted the old man hurried over “Now I want you to stay calm” the old man insisted. 

Christopher looked at him blankly “What’s wrong?” 

“Something terrible has happened, this is not the place to discuss it” Orrick insisted “Let’s go to my room” 

“Is this about Anya?” he asked, suddenly fearing his father had found about about what had happened last night. Christopher had of course intended to tell him as soon as the time was right, but fearing his fathers anger he’d decided to hold off till after the celebration. 

“Anya?” Orrick looked confused “What’s Anya been up to she hasn’t been dallying with some boy again has she?” 

“No” Christopher replied “So it’s not about Anya?” 

“No .. its Maegan but we can’t discuss it here” 

“Maegan?! Is she aright” Christopher panicked his heart suddenly finding its way into his mouth. 

“Chris not here” Orrick insisting beginning to hurry towards the door. 

Grabbing his father roughly he span him round, “No, now” he insisted suddenly aware that there seemed to be far more guards in the courtyard than he’s usually expect and they all seemed to be paying him far more heed than normal. “Whats going on?” 

Orrick sighed “She.. she’s not… physically hurt” he insisted, “but please Christopher this is clearly not the place” 

Nodding Christopher bite his tongue and followed, his heart pounding the whole way to his fathers room well aware of how everyone stared at him as he passed and how every corridor seemed to have a host of armed guards. 

Retreating behind a locked door, Christopher noted how his father tucked the key into his pocket “Is that to keep people out or to keep me in?” he asked nervously. 

“It’s … the news I have for you is going to be hard to hear but I need you to remain level headed” 

Christopher nodded and took a seat not feeling in the slightest bit level headed, he could already tell whatever his father had to say was bad and if … if it was what he thought it was the plan’s he had for Peter where no-where near strong enough. 

“Maegan has been attacked, at least we think she has” Orrick stated nervously. 

“Was it Peter?” Christopher growled, suddenly feeling his anger boiling to the surface. 

“Yes we think so” Orrick nodded “How did you know?” 

“Lucky Guess” he hissed though gritted teeth. “I’ll kill him” 

“You might not have too” Orrick replied, sternly “Your young Maegan seems to have done quite a number on him herself” 

“What do you mean?” 

“I mean she fought back, stabbed him in the chest and shoulder…. where not quite sure with what we found a hairpin, we think it might have been that” 

“Will he live?” Christopher growled. 

“The Doctor’s with him now, his condition is quite serious” 

“Not as serious as it will be when I get hold of him” he promised, “And what of Maegan… is she hurt?.. did he?? 

“We don’t know” Orrick replied “She tumbled into the lounge in quite a state, crying and covered in blood. Sophie Sedated her” 

“Sedated her, she can’t tell you what happened sedated” Christopher fumed “And you let Peters sister near her??” 

“You have to understand” Orrick tried to explain “she was in quite a state.. babbling and wailing making no sense. We only gathered what happened after the fact, when we followed the trail of blood back to your room” 

“How far do you think he got?” Christopher demanded. 

He watched as his father shuffled nervously, “we don’t think he finished” 

“but you think he started?!” Christopher demanded “I mean you think… he got as far as that?” 

Orrick nodded “Raeanne put her to bed, she undressed her, cleaned her… she said there where indications that perhaps he had but it’s hard to tell” he added quickly “there was so much blood, I mean we are assuming you haven’t.. with her??” 

“No… “ Christopher replied reeling from the news, he felt sickened… “I haven’t…” he’d been waiting so it would be right for her and now… now it may never be right. 

“Is she awake?” 

“No” Orrick shook his head “Christopher you realise she’d going to need you now more than ever?” 

Christopher nodded, unable to even begin to comprehend what he’d even say to her.. he’d found it difficult to even look his sister in the eye since yesterday .. but his wife…. that was so much harder. 

“Christopher” he father pressed “this has been made quite public… people will, people are going to expect certain things from you” 

“like for me to try and kill him” he growled a wave of anger flowing over him “Hence the gaurds” 

“Well yes” Orrick agreed “But I mean they will expect certain things from you, regarding her” 

Christopher shook his head not understanding, battling to keep his feelings under control.

“Daniel has already, offered to take Maegan back” his father prompted. 

“Oh” he nodded understand, “Yes perhaps it’s for the best” he responded numbly. 

“I wasn’t suggesting I agreed” Orrick replied hurriedly “I just mean, you should be ready to face the opinions of less understanding men, men who would somehow blame her” 

“No its alright, I understand” Christopher nodded “I don’t blame her… but perhaps it would be best if she stayed with Daniel” he didn’t know what to say to her.. how to act how could he ever hope to fix this. 

“I didn’t mean that” Orrick pressed “You know how fond I am of her” 

“Father… “ Christopher sighed “Since its all going to be so public I think perhaps there is something I should tell you” 


“He did the same to Anya last night.. that’s where I was… why I wasn’t with Maegan tonight .. I wanted to try and fix it before I told you. It’s my fault I pushed his buttons. I think Anya was a warning….. but I didn’t heed it.. I reacted, lashed out at him, threatened him.. this wasn’t to do with her it was to punish me” 

Orrick seemed to absorb the news, pausing several seconds passed. 

“Father?!” Christopher prompted expecting a backlash aimed at him. 

Suddenly his father flipped “I’ll kill him” he declared, fumbling in his pocket for the key he headed towards the door.

2 responses to “Who Will Kill Him First

  1. Damn good question, that title. Orrick the homicidal maniac is back! :D

    And I am seriously scared for Maegan. Can Sophie be trusted with her? What might she have put into that sedative? … I don’t think Sophie ever liked Peter much, but I’m still more than a bit scared. :(

    Also, Chris, don’t you DARE consider a divorce until you talk to Maegan! That girl adores you, you need to figure out what SHE wants before you worry about what everyone else is going to say. Don’t you just reject her out of hand. None of this is her fault, and you damn well know it!

  2. I hate that this happened

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